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3/12/2010 c13 1Aarosha
They do the sexy time, yes?

Kidding. ;P

I feel kinda bad for Trenton.

But not really.

Steroids come with a price. xD

And I'm pretty much gonna guess it's not Milo who raped Cecelia either.

So... yea, I'm lost.
3/6/2010 c13 4CheersAlex
This is seriously, like, amazing; I just started reading today and already finished the current thirteen chapters. I love all the characters, the writing, and the whole psychological impact reading this has. I really hope you'll write more.
3/5/2010 c13 wtfwaswrongwithteenme
Wow total insanity. Like that guy is one creepy psycho. It's oddly addiciting. Though I got to admit I'm kind of curious about trentons missing uh friend lol.
3/4/2010 c13 Look Im Sparkling
OMG i was so so happy when i saw there was a new chapter :D I almost fell off my chair xD and i LOVED the chapter, really really hope there is a new one soon

you are amazing
3/2/2010 c1 ds
Love this.

Please, please update ASAP!
3/1/2010 c13 Lyricalia
I SMELL A PLOT ON THE OVEN, RAWR. (And it smells quite delicious)

gflkabfs Another chapter, another TBC that's makes me want to go and hurt some books that are finished. (Though I don't want the story to be finished. I love the way you write- and rather enjoy reading your writings.)

My, my, am I seeing a gorgeous character development in just one chapter? Why yes, I am. And you have no idea how much fun, and how interesting was readng every word! Especially Arthur's ah...rampage. But say, Arthur,

aren't we playing Home with all the people in there too? I mean if everyone here has a task...oh, oh, I've been overcome with this strong urge to analyze Arthur's mind (Geez, better not, don't wanna go isane in the process, thanks.).

No, Steven. I tell you- he's a bloody vampire (literally...); he need's blood! YOUR blood. But he hadn't have a single drop, just muttering a 'yummy', and seems to be quite out of it. Ritual? Of course boy they are going to a)Turn you into a Vampire; or b) urn you into Arthur's blood-slave. You know, he'll feed off you and all that, like a bond and so on.

Now you se here my dear Amindaya who are you trying to fool with such obvious hints? No, no no, I won't fall for that! I'll, well, urm- ah ha! I'll just have to wait or the next update, for Steven's perilious adventure into Arthur's room, and to see if he is courageous or just plain stupid.

(Oh and don't get me started on how much I love absolutely every character in here, an I'm warming up to Milo, you little-)

...This was the review I wrote on Friday night, or Saturday, to be more precise. I wrote "little" when the earthquake started at 3:34 am, here in Chile.

You have no idea how grateful and overjoyed I am that I can press "submit" one more time.I can continue reading you, Amindaya.
3/1/2010 c13 Arillian
This story is great :D I want to know more so badly. Wow, is all I say. Oh, and that was one mean cliffy you left there.
2/27/2010 c13 Passing Reader
Hey, I think I made the 500th review, woohoo! Sorry if I'm a little late in the game, but I just found this story and fell completly in love with it. It has all the right mixings of crazed romance and slightly horrific mystery. I haven't quite read a fic like this before and am seriously excited to see something new! I gotta wonder though, if Steven will try to go down the laundry chute next, (or is it too small? :/ ). Thank you so much for sharing this story, I can't wait to see what happends next! XD ~Passing Reader
2/27/2010 c13 ToraYashaChan
this story is actually turning out to be pretty darn interesting. It actually seems pretty different from most fics I've seen where a person is kidnapped, and I like that.

Arthur's insanity amuses me to no end. The man is totally insane. But strangely he himself isn't REALLY that dangerous kind of insane. I mean yes he is dangerous on a certain level, but I don't think he'd hurt Steven intentionally.

Anyways. Update soon! I await with baited breath for the next chapter.
2/25/2010 c13 OdairBear
This story just gets more and more intense and amazing. I can't get enough. :oo

It has to be one of the most unique stories I have ever read! I love the way your writing pulls us into the story. I feel like I'm actually there watching all these extremely bizarre things happening.

I can't wait to find out what happens next! :D
2/16/2010 c13 homepage
C: Our sweet little psycho has family issues. Im so curious about his family and his past. He drops so many hints about his troubled past but never really talks about it. I'm taking in everything he does and says and I'm still having problems understanding him. -_- Oh well.

And Im surprized that steven spills about his past and family so easily. Usually victims are like, " Oh my gawd my memories are all I have left and Im not willing to let my kidnappers know about it."

But I guess steven isn't your regular abductee.
2/16/2010 c13 xSadistxFujix
-pouts- No more to read? -sigh- I love this story so much and I've read it in like... an hour and a half or so... I've seen it around a lot, but I never actually clicked on it to read and now I'm glad that I finally have because I really love the characters! Especially Arthur and of course Steven and I also love Twitch!... Cecilia kinda creeps me out... .

Update soon, please!

~Nya! ^_^
2/14/2010 c13 Chibko
It's great to see an update. But wow suicidal much? Don't go after Arthur!

I love how Steven thinks that human monsters are worse than any mythical monster. :)
2/13/2010 c13 2writingright
All I can say is that this story is basically amazing. I love it. All of it. No flaws. :D
2/13/2010 c13 1broflove
I love where you're going with this, but I wonder, just who will be paired with who?
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