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for Blind Yourself

2/10/2010 c13 Slash Rating
I love these two. Damn, Arthur, why'd you have to be such an awesome psychopath?
2/10/2010 c13 3MyLifeSoundtrack
OMG an update! I love it, I love it, I love it! And I do hope you update again in the near future.
2/10/2010 c13 2Mademoiselle Rouge
Wow, I certainly didn't expect an update from you! That was a great surprise!

Loved the chapter, although Arthur sounds really off. I'm dying to read more!
2/9/2010 c13 12Kanilla
Thank you for updating! I'd resigned myself to never seeing the end to this story...I'd almost forgotten just how Arthur seems to fluctuate between states of mind, and just how out of his mind he is sometimes! Twitch is such a darling, the poor thing.

A confrontation is in store, I presume? I want to see them argue, to see Arthur yell, but giving in (or hurting him, I can't quite decide. Either is good). But ah, some molesting/a kiss/etc. would be very, very welcome, too.

What are they preparing for, though?

Please, please don't leave us hanging! :3

1/21/2010 c12 4slashrin
ah why did you stop writing? this story is so good, I'm hooked. I was so disappointed when I went to click to chapter thirteen and saw that it didn't exist, haha.
1/21/2010 c1 11naraka
this is extremely addicting, I don't know if I should call it crazy or genius. steve being kidnapped by the bus, artur with his strangely attracting insanity and now trenton who has no "package" in the end. truly unpredictable and original, I'm curious to know who raped cecilia... but was it really a rape or something else? what happened to rocket is still a mystery I will love to read about and also twitch, the boy is so skittish and terrified it makes me wonder about what made him like that...

it seems that steve is the only sane person there... although I seriously doubt if he won't lose that too...
1/17/2010 c12 scarred memory
Dear God, this story is incredibly addicting. I couldn't stop reading it it's THAT amazing. I love you're writing style; it's different.

By and by, I really love Arthur. He's like a violent kid, almost? I think he's AMAZING! Steven makes me happy to for some reason, though he pisses me off sometimes. _

Keep up the awesome work, pl0x!
1/9/2010 c12 1miraakira
i want update so bad! please i know it's been 2 years but please some divine intervention come and make another chapter appear!~
1/5/2010 c12 sdf
please please please please update this story
1/2/2010 c12 NotLoggedIn
Oh my I really love this story so far! I'm going to leave a long ass review because of it too ;)

I love how Steven was kidnapped, you did a great job of building the suspense into the act yet kept a good deal of humor in it (ie the cell phone). I admit I stayed up until 4 AM reading until the latest chapter.

The characters are very well developed. I love Arthur (which by the way reminds me of Arthur "Boo" Radley from 'To Kill A Mockingbird' by Harper Lee). He's witty, brilliant...insane, and downright annoying - which is what makes him so believable and my favorite character so far. Yet somehow you managed to show his softer side, especially in the second to last chapter when he tells Steven not to cry (I was nearly gishing of an 'aw' moment).

I like Twitch, he's cute and fragle and dependant. I like how he sees Arthur as a brother figure to him and defends him no matter what.

The theme of 'Monsters' is great, it adds to the madness of the "family". Steven feels trapped and alone, yet I like how Arthur is some means of comfort. Plus, them going back and forth in a rivalry (because of Steven's stubborness) makes the chapter alive.

Hopefully Steven will make him a bit more sane...or not ;).

Anyway, I really love reading this story and I HOPE you update soon or I'll go just as crazy as Arthur! Keep writing,
11/23/2009 c12 Rye-Pockets
I'm reviewing.

I'm one of those reviewers who really doesn't have much to say, other than I love this story.

Yeah, I'm pretty others have already said please update soon and all. I second that... Hmm. I think that's it.

Um. Oh. I love Steven and Arthur. Twitch is cute. I don't like Cecelia - she just bothers me - and I don't like Trenton either. Milo - the two seconds of him - is just weird.
11/21/2009 c12 1Natural and fake beauty
omg i cant believe trenton tried to rape someone and he doesn't have a penis. lol i can't stop laughing... how the hell do you lose your penis and still live? and what the hell was he going to rape steven with if he doesn't have a penis.

(stories really good. makes me want more)
11/14/2009 c12 1copiicat
Loving this so far!
11/10/2009 c11 cuddlesXD
You are amazing. It would be great if you decided to continue this story, I am offically hooked! Hehehehe
11/8/2009 c12 Hollyivy
mildly confusing.
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