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1/14/2009 c11 Raibix
I will admit; this is one of the stranger stories I have ever read, but is fantastic. The characters are terrific, and Arthur is simply . . . . wow. I've fallen in love with him. Even if he is insane. Update soon, okay? :)
1/11/2009 c12 11thefuturefreaksmeout
this is one of the strangest things i've ever read, but it is wonderful and i'm dying to know what it's all about in the end-
1/11/2009 c12 8insomkneeack
I like it! Continue PLEASE!

1/6/2009 c12 The Fragile Asphyxiate
Okie dokies. So, I really like your story so far. I stayed up late on a school night to read it. (Yay! I'll be dead in class tomorrow, haha.)

No, so, Twitch is completely adorable and I can't wait to see what his story is, along with everyone elses of course, but Twitch is my favorite... Except for Arthur maybe, but that's just cause he's... Yummy? Hehe.

But, still, Twitch is amazing, and this chapter totally made my life just because of how... I donno, sweet and sorta innocent he is, in a fricked up way.

Oh, and HAHAHAHAHA, Trenton doesn't have a "thing". That was pretty much hilarious. I seriously laughed out loud... Hard.

Yeah, so, the characters are way unique and so is the plot. I like all the twisties and turnies.

So, ermz, please update soon. I would really appreciate it and everything cause your story is spectacular.


A total fan of Twitch ^_^.
1/3/2009 c12 Kristen
I like this quite alot, it was rather short and I honestly found the start hard to fallow on this chapter! However it left me waiting for more and your story and certinaly gotten my attention! :) Please update SOON or I might just die and you'll be one review less :)
1/2/2009 c12 1StarRuby
omg! what! I love Twitch. I'm so... gah! can't wait for the next chapter! XD
1/2/2009 c12 1honey splattered brains
bah. the suspense~ ;_; steven secretly likes arthur~:D it makes me happy~
12/30/2008 c12 6Kalista Jia
I just find this story amazing!

(seeing how I like slash suspence even wrote one myself, anyway that is not important.)

I totally love your suspence! Immediately, I got hook on the first chapter. And the bus thing really got my blood pumped. Then I sligh got lost with the house thing, but I get it now. I love the way you make everyone... so submissive to Arthur.

I was going all awe when Arthur praised Steven for his beauty. Yes yes.

Please do update soon! I will be waiting. I wonder what will possibly happen in the futur!
12/30/2008 c12 Connie
12/23/2008 c12 kepteinen
12/22/2008 c6 8Qryous
Aww, but I would totally pay to see two pretty boys making out *pouts* o.o'' eeks, I just sounded terribly perverted x.x But I would probably try to do it without them noticing xPP
12/22/2008 c5 Qryous
Woah this is creepy. checks the genre for horrow but turns out to be romance and suspence.


12/21/2008 c12 first-time reviewer
I just read through this a second time; the first being more or less as the chapters were released. I actually managed to catch a few things this time around that I'm fairly sure I missed the first - it was pretty enjoyable. Your characters are so realistic, even with their quirks and oddities! Especially Arthur. Steven is kind of frustrating, but only because he seems like the kind of kid I probably would have picked on a bit in highschool (oops).

You say you have the story mapped out so... the suspense is killing me. You have no excuse to drop it so I can't stop waiting for new chapters. It's like Christmas come early (or late, for the next chapter) whenever I see an update! For serious, broski, keep it up.

Also, one last thing: while you seem relatively displeased with this chapter, I think it did great for adding depth to Twitch's character. c:
12/17/2008 c12 3Mamsephet
Ok, so I found myself sitting here at um...-checks- like, 9:12 or some lamo donkey time like that. The eve of my finals. Now...this is either really stupid on my part, or really stupid on my part. I have come to terms with it.

Wonderfuly, brilliant, beautiful story. I'm not quite sure what your other reviewers are saying about Arthur, but I for one am seeing light in him.

He's such a sick...sociopathic...little boy. Did he fucking eat bleach as a child? Such a contradiction to the morals that we are branded with from the age of two. I'm starting to think that he never knew a 'normal' life. Ever dever bever ever. Actually, at one point I thought that this was a supernatural story.

I was like, "Oh, heh, hey, he's gonna pull out the poly juice any moment." I was even guessing parallel dimension when Steven was commenting on his lack of...access to the outside world via window.

But there's something about Arthur that makes me over look his faults. And beleive me. They're fucking there alright. Like some neon shizznits or another on like, black paper. But it's his underlying 'innocence', I think, that really makes me go: "Aww...he just threatened to kill him. Such a cutie pie." Because, Arthur doesn't seem to know that he's completely fucked by normal standards. Like some kind of three toed chinchilla.

I'm not even going get into my ideas regarding Cecelia's (sp? sorry :]) part in all of this, OR Twitch. I do love Twitch though. That sub-plot really has me intrigued. Usually I don't love side characters that much, but they seem very 3 dimensional.

And then when you threw in the missing junk shinaynay I was like, "Oh! Hello there! Have a turkey!" Because, my goodness women, talk about plot twists. But I really would like to keep Arthur in my good graces, so I'm really hoping he's not a sociopathic douche-monkey, AND a rapist. Talk about crapola genetics.

But anyways, rambling about the characters aside. I'd like to say congratulations on attending NYU (yes, I am creepy. Yes, I do read the author notes.) I actually want to attend that school myself. And beside my stalker-kinda-ish message, I would also like to say, thank you for inspiring me to finally get up off my lazy fuck arse, and write something.

It usually takes a few kickers before the creative juices start a flowing. Usually they're stuck somewhere in my arteries. Or something. Anywhosical.

Very beautiful story. I'm going to fail now, thanks. I hope you update soon (am guiltily hoping this review jump starts your writing of the next chapter and onwards) because I'm left hanging, in need of a shower, and hungry, all because I suck and decided to read your story in one go.

Best of wishes,

12/15/2008 c1 LunarChick
Keep in writing! This story is pretty interesting! Good Luck with your stories!
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