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for Blind Yourself

12/15/2008 c12 LunarChick
This story is awesome! I hope that I get to read the next chapter soon! Thank You so much! Good Luck with your stories!
12/15/2008 c12 Ella
I'm always quite critical reading stories involving (sort of) mentally abusive individuals if there's a romantic element in it, because of the potential Stockholm syndrome/falling in love with your abuser development.. but I don't know about Arthur, I admit I am really curious about him and how you're going to continue this.

But somebody seek help for Twitch, that boy is so broken. :(
12/5/2008 c12 deb
Thanks for an entertaining story, better than one I could get at a library or bookstore. :)
12/2/2008 c12 Sheepie
I liked this chapter. Though now it makes me wonder. Who did rape Cecelia? Was it Arthur after all? Or does Trenton really have a penis? Or could it have been mystery man number three, Milo. Because there's no way in hell it be Twitch. That be just to weird and well... just not right. It wouldn't make sense XD. The thought that Trenton is missing his whoo hoo is very funny. He's a bastard, so serves him right.

Love the story so far. Arthur is so fun. He's one sexy insane guy you don't want to piss off. If only he'd explain just a little. It's frustrating! Poor Steven. Update soon! Good job!
12/1/2008 c7 Sheepie
It's late and I need to be getting to bed since I have work tomorrow. Instead though I'm reading. Or I was, but now I'm not. It's hard to pull away though. I want to find out if it really was Kayla. I feel so bad for Steven, but I have to admit Arthur is damn sexy. You have to love the psychos. At least until you're in that situation.

I like it a lot so far. I'll end up finishing reading the rest tomorrow, so update soon! I really wanna find out what kind of organization/set up Arthur has going on! What's up with all the boys? And why the hell is he so obsessed with Steven? Great job, can't wait to read more! :)
11/30/2008 c12 52Liviania
I think the dream worked without italics because it was pretty clear when he snapped out of it.

That's an odd development.

11/22/2008 c12 17Cattails
"“Lost it?” I asked incredulously. “What do you mean, lost it? Like, ‘Golly gee, I think I misplaced my penis’? How the hell did he lose it?”" will be my favourite line forever, I think. I couldn't stop laughing. XD Hm, I wonder if that's true? And if so, was it actually Arthur with Cecelia? I highly doubt it was Twitch... Hmm... Aw, Twitch is warming up to him! But trying to cut up a grapefruit with a plastic knife does not sound fun. Ooh, dream sequence...I wonder what it all means? :O Ah, so much suspence ^^
11/22/2008 c12 narcissistic
Omg that was soo good.. i mean i know you dont like it very much but it's just great to see an update. haha

now im wondering...does he have a penis?
11/21/2008 c12 73xanthofile
ok, you asked for my honest opinion, and while it took me a while to find the spare moments to reread it and give it my full attention, i managed to do so today. heh. anyway, i still hold with my original thought about the whole thing. i like where it's going-besides, you're not the only one whose review counts have gone down lately. maybe it's a site-wide thing. anyway, i say stick to what you've got going on, because i LOVE it ALL. *fansquee* hehe.

11/21/2008 c12 a-kamari
I can't believe I forgot to read this chapter. o...0 Shame on me!

Interesting chapter... Trenton is laking the equipment?

Indeed, who raped Cecelia then?

By the way, the mystery that surrounds the promises is so intriguing. =D
11/20/2008 c12 00000000000000000000000000000
Well this is an interesting revelation...can't wait for your next chapter,

11/19/2008 c9 Rachelmorph
Oh, I actually got the pomegranate seed reference. I'm very proud of myself. This story is strange and bizarre, and I can't look away.
11/19/2008 c12 71Subbie
So... who raped Celica? I like Celica... she's a little creepy, but I definitly like her.

So does Twitch have a case of likeing his kidnappers or what? There's an official name for that too, when you develope an affection for the people who've captured you...

Ohh, I like the Art by Cracked Butterfruit. He's like how I imagined him- you know, naughty and all.

11/19/2008 c12 DefineNightmare
I am disturbed by this story, yet very captivated! It has mystery,drama, and (I guess to me) humor. I love it!

please update sooN!
11/18/2008 c12 anon
If I could review this a thousand times I would, though I imagine I would get rather repetitive after a very short while. Instead I'll review once and just tell you that I really enjoy this story. It's incredibly captivating and unpredictable (for me, at any rate) and those are both qualities which tend to be very rare in this cesspool of homoerotic fantasies written by idealistic 12 year olds.

The beginning of this chapter wasn't confusing; I think it's fine to leave it in normal format. Also, I didn't think this chapter was all that bad - Stuff Happened without it feeling like a chapter devoted to making Stuff Happen. That's always a good thing in my book. 8D
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