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11/18/2008 c12 crack the sky
i really, really, really like it. (yes. three whole "really's" lol.) very suspenseful and all that. does trenton really not have a dick? because that would be... well, odd, to say the least, i guess. update soon! =]
11/18/2008 c12 Oki3xDoki3
omg sometimes i hate you


god, this just makes me wanna fan art all over again .
11/17/2008 c12 5TheLadyPendragon
That's what Trenton deserves! -indignant- But that was a surprise. I never would have guessed that Trenton was...lacking his equipment. Great chapter. :) Can't wait for more.
11/17/2008 c1 Neven35
To be honest, I was like 'wtf?' while I was reading but now I really want to read it to the end. It's...interesting lol.
11/17/2008 c12 oo
this is getting as crazy as that show 'lost'.! and confusing. cant wait for it to start clearing up with understanding.

BUT! I gave up on that show. but, DUDE, this story is great. i have no clue whats going on but i like it! i definitely wont be giving up on this story... its so intriguing and mysterious.
11/17/2008 c12 magalina
Who did it? Evil cliffhangers... It wasn´t confusing but now I want the next chapter soon! D:

Great chapter as always :):)
11/16/2008 c12 1DRAGONFIRE04
PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I like to see what happen next. Will you put more of arthur in the next chapter.
11/16/2008 c12 1rAiNwAtEr1
I'm surprised you updated so early. Keep them coming!
11/16/2008 c12 3Ty Taco
I love your story.

I really do.


I can't wait until 13.


11/16/2008 c12 25RoughDraftHero
I think this story is really awesome, and you're really good at building up the mystery. Yet, part of me is like "Oh Gawd, I really hope Steve doesn't get all Stockholm syndromey, and fall in love with Arthur, and think that just because he didn't rape him, he's an o.k. guy."

But maybe there's some bigger mystery that would redeem Arthur? Lol, anyway I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter.
11/16/2008 c12 Night Innocence

Not much to say except that it's really really good.

Who did rape Cecelia? I think it really was Arthur because people who are nuts are pretty unpredictable and Cecelia is so wierd, what's with her?

Who is the romance going to involve?

Steven and Arthur or Steven and Twitch?

I can't think of anyone else.

Does Lucas and Kaylee come back in again?
11/16/2008 c12 2MisterScotty
Er, interested to see where this is going... :)
11/16/2008 c12 Lyricalia
Man! Talk about surprises...

It really kicked me hard, because I had the same last question in my head since Twitch said it. I didn't see it coming.

Like, omg, this CAN get much more interesting. Endless. And absolutely awesome ALL the way.

Although this chapter is not as good as some others, especially the one before, it's expected, natural, even- you can't have every chapter be gorgeous; I haven't met a story that is that way yet, hon. So don't worry about it too much!

Keep up the good work, and thank you so much for updating *-*!
11/16/2008 c12 2The Narcissus Effect
I was supposed to be pulling an all nighter to work on a school project; supposed to be.

I stumbled upon your story and I spent the whole night reading it ; ;

it's wonderful, honestly. You keep the reader hanging on edge, and this last part left me in a frenzy to know what happened next.

Best part I must admit, is the “What do you mean, lost it? Like, ‘Golly gee, I think I misplaced my penis’? How the hell did he lose it?” xD

-adds to favorites-
11/16/2008 c12 Guest
Omg new chapter ! =D =D

but no Arthur :(

i loved the line : ‘Golly gee, I think I misplaced my penis’ lol

hope you update soon
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