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for Blind Yourself

11/16/2008 c12 Midnights Scream
This story just keeps getting weirder, but still very interesting!
11/15/2008 c12 PatchouliPatchwork
I'm so happy you updated ;~; I love this story and was worried you wouldn't.

I like the info presented in this chapter. Plus the fact Twitch isn't super scared of Steven now. lol. And then who did rape Cecelia? I hope it's not Twitch D: that's a scary thought.
11/15/2008 c12 7Sunshine Bear
I wasn't going to review to stick it to the man because you haven't updated in a long while!


I love this and stuff.

I love the whole "Opps, I misplaced my penis" sort of line.

11/15/2008 c12 zoule
Well golly gee now I'm confused! Trent, Cecelia, just what exactly is going on?
11/14/2008 c11 1rAiNwAtEr1
It has been a while sense I read something as dark and disturbing like this and...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

- Arthur is one interesting character. He is definitely bi-polar. His mood swings are intriguing to say the least. You never know what he will do next, and I can't tell if I love or hate that about him. His strange infatuation with 'Angelface' is interesting to say the least. Not to mention, he is completely HOT!

- Trenton scares me. He is completely derange and not in a good way. It would seem that he is taking far too much interest in 'Angelface'. Something tells me that I wouldn't be surprised if he attempted to some how disobey one of Aurthur's 'promises' regarding the 'don't rape 'Angelface' thing. I must say it would be interesting to see what Arthur would do to those that break their promises.

- Twitch is an interesting boy. I tell if he is sane, or more fucked up than anyone in that house. Something in the back of my mind tells me that he isn't as innocent as he looks. But for the sake of Steven, I hope he turns out alright.

- I've been wondering what has happen to the previous occupant of the house. Was he murdered or even worse, was he "Let go". (insert evil laugh here) Either way, I hope to find out soon.

- And who are these 'guess' that sometimes come to the house? It all sound very shady to me. The first thing to come to mind is the movie 'Hostel'. (Shutters with fear)

- I've been wondering what Twitch has meant when he asks Steven (Angelface) what is he being helped with. It seems everyone is intent to know what part he will play in this mad house. What's even more interesting is, if he has a choice, what would he choose?

Well only time will answer my many questions. I can only hope that you find pity on us mortals and update again as soon as possible. Until next time,

your fan,

11/3/2008 c11 nomy
its true people tend not to review coz they dont know what to say..

but for me when im reading your story it just make my life a little bit twisted and unpredictable..to be involved in the story and just being confused and i am very very confused with this story..but i think i will stick to the end and see what the next thing that will happen to Steven.
9/28/2008 c11 x
Hands down, this is THE best story on this site

i love all your characters. completely

i just read this whole story all in one go and have no words to describe how awesome you are
9/20/2008 c11 xx
I love this story XD

Hope you update son!
9/12/2008 c11 7Lady Dan
Wah! I just found this story via another author's favorites page, and... wow. You've succeeded in making a very ambiguous character. I'm still unsure of how to categorize Arthur... At times I'm sure he's a psychopath, and at other times illogically-sane. I suppose for now I'll split the difference and think of him as a sane-psychopath. Of course, Trenton scares me way more. Arthur (so far) has had redeemable moments.

And Twitchy-kins is totally, totally adorable in a neurotic sort of way. I've also become insanely curious about Cecelia, despite her really only having one real scene.

As for Steven... I can't say I'd act much differently... ^^;;

All in all, please continue! I have gotten amazingly invested in this story. ^^ I can't wait for the next update!
9/7/2008 c11 PatchouliPatchwork
I love this story so much ;~; You write really, really well. In fact, you're one of the most enjoyable to read that I've stumbled across in awhile. I can't wait till you update this story! I'm truly looking forward to it.
9/3/2008 c4 15Bluorange
Wow! This was an interesting chapter. My answer to you question is that the reactions were perfect, but it all happened a little too fast.
9/3/2008 c3 Bluorange
Ooh this reminds me of the twilight zone. I love thrillers!
9/3/2008 c2 Bluorange
Much loves! see you in ch. 3
9/2/2008 c1 33Sit In Solemn Silence
Kayla reminds me of my vegetarian mother during field dressing time after we go antelope hunting. But our house would totally fall apart without her here(no steven at our house) This was a really original beginning, I can't wait to see where the story goes!
9/1/2008 c11 5Wordistic
I love this story so far, I really do hope that you continue it and I will be checking out some of your other work as well.
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