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for Blind Yourself

9/1/2008 c11 11My Chemical Music Box
Geez, I only just got to read this! (I have about 150 updates in my inbox that I have to get through *cries*)

But I'm definitely sticking with this story. I love it.

Can't wait for more!
8/30/2008 c11 1crystal-chan
Eh? I usually hate stories like this one, but I couldn't put yours down!

Update soon! I can't wait to see what happens next.
8/30/2008 c11 3Ziusura
I'm one of those people who never know what to say.

Anyway, I love how you portrayed Arthur throughout this entire story. He's infantile, insane, and eerily infatuated with Steven. Great job.
8/30/2008 c11 Look Im Sparkling
zomg zomg i cant wait for the next chapter :D YAY LOVE THE STORY
8/29/2008 c11 12Kanilla
Oh, please do write more! I'm afraid that I myself belong to the group of people that don't like to/can't review others very well, but I couldn't stay quiet after reading this far.

I'm on the verge of crying on Steven's behalf, and I absolutely hate and like Arthur at the same time. I desperately want to see more of this, 100%. If it takes another ten chapters for any romance, I wouldn't mind, as long as I could read these people interact and suffer and be angry.

I love this.

Now I'm going to go vote.

8/25/2008 c11 gg
ep, can't wait for the next chapter

update soon!

8/24/2008 c11 Whatever123
Really, really enjoyed this story...it's great. Love it. Can't wait for the next update! Though, could you please email when you update? Please and thank you.

I love Steven and Arthur and Cecelia. And Lucas and Kayla and Twitch and Trenton. And, of course, Milo. I love them all. XD
8/20/2008 c11 kepteinen
This is pure awesome.

I want you to write more. D: Update soon, please.
8/20/2008 c11 wittynamehere
Oh this is so good! It's perfect and disturbing and I love it. You paint such a lovely picture when you write. I hope you can update soon, I'm looking forward to chapter 12.
8/19/2008 c11 4SerialXLain
“Are you afraid?” That made me think of Scare Tactics, the TV show... (If you've never watched it, they set people up and scare people and then ask 'Are you scared? Well you should be. You're on Scare Tactics...!')

"Arthur was not the monster I had thought he was." o.O I wouldn't think that after just one incident. Like Trenton said "Until he gets sick of you" or whatever so that would imply that he'd be just fine with being mean and letting others be mean later on. Unless it's Stockholm Syndrome kicking in and that one kind act is making him feel more...trusting.

And then so if he was trusting him and not feeling pressured, why freak out so much later on in the kitchen? I know in your AN you said it was to advance the plot, but I think it ended up just...sacrificing it.

And I have to say that if I'd gotten a review asking where the romance was, I'd probably bitch at the review-giver muchos... -.-

I do like crazy Arthur though. A lot.

Hope you didn't find this review to be rude or anything...

8/16/2008 c11 17JtheChosen1
this looks really good! i luv the mind games that u employ, so keep up the awesome work!
8/16/2008 c11 tihagro
wow. this story is just amazing! I love it!
8/14/2008 c11 1Kristy-Bell
i LOVE this story!

and i cant wait for the next chapter...


8/12/2008 c11 14Good Start-Bad Finish
This is probably one of the most unpredictable stories I've ever read, and I mean that in a good way. Just when I think I might understand what's going on, something new comes along and throws me for a loop! This is definitely a unique, suprising, and shocking read. The only complaint I think I'll have is that now that I've read through all the older chapters I have to hang in suspense until the next update!
8/1/2008 c11 5seeyalater
I really liek this story.

And I think your approach to romance is more realistic in the really unrealistic situation.

It wouldnt make much sense if a captive fell madly in love with his captor right away.

The long wait for updates is slightly annoying though.
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