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7/31/2008 c11 Mirrorlily
Please write more soon.
7/28/2008 c11 Midnights Scream
:) it's been so long that I've missed it! Arthur is smart. He may be a semi-bad guy, but I think he's trying to force them into understanding themselves and provide a place where they can be happy. great job and I'm glad things are starting to fit together.
7/28/2008 c11 1DRAGONFIRE04
PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I like the chapter.
7/27/2008 c11 AnnaG.Luv
i know i love a story when certain scenes make my chest tight.

this one just did that.

hope to see a new one up soon!
7/27/2008 c11 52Liviania
Yay, an update! This story is so excellently creepy.

And he's totally self-sacrificing.

7/25/2008 c11 1Kaiswings
Hum... mixed feelings about this one. Yes I agree it is weird that the promises seem so...strong, Strong enough to stop a rapist. Although it made me mad he was happy about Arthur inadvertently saving him and him being grateful when on the other side Arthur didn’t tell him to not touch the girl and let her get raped. And yes he realized that Arthur was a monster but not for that! And I mean guah! Stab the Motherfucker!

But other than that it’s good. I like It, its so….mystery-ish. I want to know what’s going on! All the secrets and stuff…I’m very curious!

Can’t wait till the next update

7/25/2008 c11 1StarRuby
I voted. :D

This was such an intense chapter. :O I really like the new/developing change of dynamic between Steve and Arthur. omg omg I'm so excited for where this story's going. XD I eagerly anticipate the next chapter. :D
7/24/2008 c11 SHQ
I wasn't disappointed with this chapter! Stuff Happened, which is always exciting, but it happened in style (if that makes sense), which is even better. Awesome work! ;]
7/22/2008 c11 23plumblossom
I can't for an instant imagine where this is really going, and I like that. I keep thinking I know what kind of story it is, and then I find it is some other thing - but no, not that . . .
7/22/2008 c11 17Cattails
Yay! Arthur technically saved him! Okay, so all he has to do is avoid Trenton...forever... Yeah, that's seems like it'll be kinda difficult. Ha, Arthur amuses me with his force-feeding. He's insane, but he seems to be taking care of everyone...mostly... Keeping Steven away from the sharp objects seemed like a good idea...but it kinda backfired, didn't it? This is why you don't pounce on people who have just been traumatized when they are near said sharp objects. O_o Mkay, yup, Arthur's off his rocker. Running seemed like the best solution...but his poor ankle! It goes through so much abuse... Looking forward to the next chapter!
7/22/2008 c11 9An Eccentric Caffeine Addict
So you know how you said that everything was a little random or something? It wasn't. It /so/ wasn't. Everything fit just right and this, this is probably really creepy of me to say but the whole idea of someone falling in love with the person who tormented them/kidnapped them is just...exciting and right. Stockholm Syndrome is weirdly appealing.

I think your characters mesh really well. Arthur's the eight amount of crazy, Twitch's the right amount of lost kid wanting to find acceptance and Steven's so confused and afraid and it's perfect really. Just perfect.

Maybe someday I'll say something other than how much I love you for this. (Like, something constructive perhaps...I mean, I'm sure we both know you can still become a better writer but I'm just not sure how yet.)

I thought of something! The one thing that sort of made my scrunch up my nose was Steven's flow of emotion. It was sorta messy. Which usually happens when he's with Arthur. I think it's okay for him to be so messy but try to give your reader's more of an inkling about the reasons why he might feel all of his other emotions that he transits in to. For example, when he sort a playfully talking to Arthur he became guilt ridden to just slightly happy that Arthur was touching him. (The giddy feeling he had.) But, what I thought was messy was his transition to the giddy feeling. Which takes us back to when Arthur brings him food. I think you sorta forced Steven being happy about Arthur since one realization isn't enough to make a person suddenly want another person especially in your written circumstance.

...Maybe that got a little long...sorry.

But, really I just love this fic and finding the update in my inbox made me really happy because this is good stuff. I can't wait for you to update. =]
7/22/2008 c11 Kitty
This is an amazing story.

I love it!

I also love the fact that you updated so quickly.

I don't see any plans of yours to stop writing this but if you think about it don't do it. =]

Its too good.
7/22/2008 c11 5TheLadyPendragon
Poor Steven...he almost got raped! He should've told Arthur, that would be fun to watch. XDD
7/22/2008 c11 00000000000000000000000000000
LOVED IT! and I can't wait for more !

7/22/2008 c11 3Ty Taco
I absolutely freaking ADORE this story.

It is SO good.

I strangely like Aurthur.


With a freaking passion.



This chapter was REALLY good.

Just like every other chapter.

I can't wait for twelve!




I hope Aurthur and the main are the couple.

Although I would like to know who the romance is, I think I can wait.

This story really is to good to complain about anything.

Except maybe the length of time in between chapters.

Faster updates would be AMAZING.

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