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3/24/2008 c10 20Aibari
I really, really love this story. Seriously - I like it so much that I've got problems finding something to actually -comment- on, because the critical part of my brain has turned into a pile of squeeing fangirl goo. The shame.

It's just ... good. This. And lovely despite all the rampant psychopathy. Maybe BECAUSE of all the rampant psychopathy. :O

And that's an awesome cliffhanger you've got there. :D
3/22/2008 c10 13Vampgurl99
No! Not another cliffie. You're just vicious to your readers...I hate cliffies right about, oh now maybe? I was a little disorientated with how the chapter immediately began and I'm still confused how Steven ended up where he was and where he did end up. Was he close to the front door? I think you need to make that a little clearer, at least how he ended up waking up with his injuries. Unless you want that to remain a mystery...That sounded a bit creepy. Oh well.

I really enjoy the whole psychological aspect to the story. At times I don't really follow the whole, think outside of the box-Arthur-might-be-thinking-differently bit but it makes the plot that much more interesting. Like how Arthur's whole act following his shout at Twitch...I don't know how he can keep up that facade-unless Steven is interpreting everything that Arthur does completely wrong. That whole explaination might have been completely confusing to you, I'm not even going to bother looking it over cause I'm sure I will confuse myself.

Wait, so Steven has only been in that house for a couple of days? Or longer? The whole, Steven can't tell time thing really hinders a chronological timeline of the whole debacle. Nothing much else to say to your wondrous chapter. Except that I wish there wasn't such a nasty cliff hanger... :( sad face for you! Please update faster because I want to know if Steven is saved mid-rape by his umm knight in shining armor?

3/21/2008 c10 a-kamari
No,no,no,no not Trenton. Eeck! Poor Steven. T.T

The story is just getting better and better. =)
3/21/2008 c10 14Three Score and Ten
The confusion...it does not abate. No, it grows, it grows in direct proportion to my enjoyment of the story. Which means they are both increasing at an exponential rate, because the further we get into the story the more intruiged I am. It's so original and so interesting, despite the hopeless confusion I am mired in.

Also, I realized during the last scene that I was mentally yelling for Arthur to come save him, probably just as loud as Steven was despite the fact that I don't trust that character at all. So I sympathize with his confusion.
3/19/2008 c10 deidei66
i love your story! now i will go and hang at the edge of the cliff until you update next :)
3/18/2008 c10 2Tackygeek
Whoo hoo update! I feel bad for not being able to leave a huge review, especially since this is you wrote such a wonderfully long chapter, but sadly I must. Here goes:

I loved the chapter, but I must be honest. I got upset at the ending. Trenton? Ugh, he's already having a horrible week, if it was Arthur I wouldn't mind AS much (because I do love Arthur in a weird pyschotic way. bless his little heart, I don't think he can read :|) but this was just wrong. Thankfully, I trust your writing ability and believe that you allowed that to happen for a reason, so I'll try not to be bitter :P. I hope Arthur comes and kicks his ass, though, and I hope Steven life gets better.
3/17/2008 c10 3Ty Taco

Your story is REALLY good.

I'm almost crying at this chapters ending.

Now he is getting raped.

He is already in hell.

Now he is being raped.


Makes me wanna cry.

But I need more.

Chapter 11 please!



3/16/2008 c10 4souzen
omg no! This poor guy has gone through so much in such a short period of time. I feel so bad for him. I'm curious to see what Arthur does to get back at Trenton though.
3/16/2008 c10 52Liviania
You end it there? But, but, you can't! You just love making us wonder what happens next . . .

3/16/2008 c10 everblack
Oh PLEASE tell me he is not going to get raped! I adore this story, and rape will just depress me terribly. You just had to end on the most suspenseful note EVER. . Well, anyway, I really do adore this story. I'm a sucker for spooky, mentally unstable pretty boys. You could make this into a book, really, you could.
3/15/2008 c10 00000000000000000000000000000
omg, this is so psychotic, I was planning on only reading one chapter...but then I was dragged in and there was no way I could stop...crap now it's late (or earl however u want to look at it), I can't wait to find out what happens next...the tension is killing me! UPDATE SOON!
3/15/2008 c10 AnnaG.Luv
this clif is far from nice.

this story has so many "what's really going on" moments i really cannot wait until the next chapter.
3/15/2008 c10 5American Schokolade
I keep forgetting how much I like this story until you update again. It just seems to get worse and worse (in a...good way).

I like how you handle Arthur's character, dragging us from liking him to disliking him, and there's always the vague "What is this guy thinking?" around him. I guess that's how Steven feels about him.

And, oh, stupid cliff hangers. I hope you update soon. Really.
3/15/2008 c10 2Pundit
Great story! The plot is original and the prose are very good. Out of all the characters though, I think I like Lucas and Kayla the least (odd, huh?). I feel bad for Twitch. I'm also holding out hope that maybe Arthur isn't as bad as one might initially suppose. Also, what happened to Rocket (my guess: Arthur killed him for trying to escape, but then again... I'm holding out hope that Arthur's not THAT horrible).
3/14/2008 c10 Emily
YAY! Your back! I loved it, but come on i am stuck between feeling sorry for twitch, and going why the hell does twitch like Arthur so much.
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