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3/13/2008 c10 19diebyownhands
Oh wow, I can't believe I'm also asking where is Arthur? I also wonder if Arthur knew this would happen, but then the guy did say not call him.

I'm glad you updated this is a wonderful story.
3/13/2008 c10 Die In A Hole With Penguins
Yay! Thanks For Updating!
3/13/2008 c10 9An Eccentric Caffeine Addict
ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT STEVEN GETS RAPED BY TRENTON? WHY! NO! D: That sucks. Big time. And why couldn't Artjur save him? Jackass.

Nice chapter though. I don't understand Arthur's behaviour at all. He doesn't seem to have any patterns regarding how he behaves. I thought he would have gotten really angry at Steven for trying to escape instead he just sorta ignored it...Unless he's the one who asked Trenton to rape Steven in which case Arthur you are a BASTARD.

I like the story, a lot. That shower scene seemed a bit unnecessary though...I mean yeah we learn about him not having his clothes or boxers but...did that really need an entire scene to itself? Other than that I didn't have a problem with the chapter. Awesome job. I await the next one. :D
3/13/2008 c10 PindrakeCake
oh mmyy god.

Such a good update, I love this story.
3/13/2008 c10 7Sunshine Bear
I love Arthur. He is just so fluffy.

I lovelovelove him.

Trenton not so much.
3/9/2008 c9 2SecretWhispers
I love Arthur to death, even if he is a crazy psycho dude... Awesome story. I want to know more! Update soon please!
3/3/2008 c9 3Jeex
Yum. I love this tale. So deep, so mysterious. I haven't read a good story in a long time. But this one is like a thriller. I'm so mad that it isn't predictable and I can't tell what's gonna happen. I am so ArtxSteven, 100 percent.
2/28/2008 c9 Blithe
Nice-I love how the plot isn't as simple as two difficult characters falling in love. And Arthur's evident insanity makes things so interesting... he's dangerous, but cheesy at the same time. And therefore somewhat cute. (What, pomegranates? Aw, he was hurt that Steven didn't get it.)

I'll be waiting avidly for an update. :)
2/22/2008 c1 D.readfully A.bsolutely N.asty
Hello Amie. I trust you know who this is... Darling you must update this soon, cliffhangers are absolutely terrible. But I love the story so far. I'm not exactly qualified to critique you and even if I was... I wouldn't know what to say other than that this is a very well written story
2/20/2008 c9 73xanthofile
NYU, huh? congrats, and all. ^^

this is another story that no matter how long it's been since i've read previous chapters (or let updates malinger in my inbox) i remember exactly where it left off when i begin to read. i hate having a delayed update and having absolutely no clue what's going on, and by the time i get to where i DO, it's been...oh, an hour. :ugh:

i like the promises. that doesn't make much sense, but really, it does, and i do. especially Cecilia's. she promised. i like that.
2/3/2008 c9 4souzen
omg Run Steven Run! lol. Poor Steven is too sweet for his own good. :D
1/24/2008 c9 9Lerene
I'm curious about this scary scences you have planned. Hopefully we wont have to wait a long time for the next chapter. I hate it authers give us a cliffy that has you dieing to know what happens, then they don't update for months. Don't make us wait, PLEASE!

Great chapter, love the story.
1/21/2008 c9 9ludicrouscow
freaky story you got here... i love it. ^^ but i'm easily scared so cecelia freaked the hell out of me haha. can't wait for the next chapter!
1/16/2008 c9 Anon
Holy fuck, that rocked. Why haven't you updated this is forever?
1/12/2008 c9 4HotTimali
Oft Wow, I Love Your Story So Far :]

Arthur Is defo Erm...Insane.

Greatly Insane Though, He Makes Me Laugh In A Sadistic Way :]

Haha, Keep It Up.

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