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for Blind Yourself

12/23/2007 c9 a-kamari
hey hii =D

Lovely chapter. xD
12/22/2007 c9 2Tackygeek
Wow I'm so happy you actually updated. I love this story, but this was so unexpected. I really do like Arthur, even though he's weird. I do want Steven to escape but then again I don't. I know he probably won't get far, ugh. Anywho. I loove the story please do update. Oh yeah, congratulations on getting into NYU, I wish I could go there, but out of state is extremely expensive, especially NYU! Great Job :P
12/22/2007 c9 3Tobyk947
wow. keep writing, its really good.
12/22/2007 c9 14Three Score and Ten
I am completely lost about where this story is going, but in a good way. I think that the first-person persepective really works well for it, because since the protagonist is so confused and all we get are his thoughts, we're confused too. But you throw in enough hints and information that we're left wondering what he's missing, and trying to draw our own conclusions as well.

Pretty much, I'm just waiting anxiously for the next update, trying to figure out where you're going with it and happily failing. Also, I really like the character of Steven. He's so normal but not in a boring way. Hope to read more soon!
12/22/2007 c8 3Tobyk947
It's good. I'm not sure about this deal though...
12/22/2007 c6 Tobyk947
Ah, ha ha! I get it now...yeah. i'm pretty freaking proud of myself. Cool. Write some more, it's so great!
12/22/2007 c4 Tobyk947
Um... WHAT? I'm-I dont-::sobs::
12/22/2007 c3 Tobyk947
Um..what? I'll keep reading..
12/22/2007 c2 Tobyk947
Aw! Arthur? lol... Steve's my friends name. he's gay too. The story's pretty good. It's easily to follow and interesting, keep writing!
12/22/2007 c1 Tobyk947
I like it. my one best friend's ex boyfriend goes hunting. indians used to mix deer brains with urine and ply it on to the dead deer's coat to make it look nicer. at least you didnt have to watch that.
12/22/2007 c9 5Curb Crasher
Yes, I do hate cliffies.

No, the change does not dissapoint me.

Just a question: why are you going to NYU?

Okay, I just have to say, I love Steven. I didn't until this chapter. Until now, I thought he was cool, but now it's love.
12/22/2007 c9 17Cattails
O_O What the heck has he gotten himself into? Everyone seems bonkers...especially Cecelia... Ouch, a broken ankle _ Somehow I doubt he's gonna get far with that and wearing nothng but a robe... Hm, I wonder what's going to happen?
12/22/2007 c9 magalina
Aah, an update! . And that´s great about NYU! Go you!

I love this story... So many things I want to know D: Great great great chapter!
12/22/2007 c9 2HollyJolly4u
Sometimes if you don’t rashunlize, it makes you crazy.”

aww such a cute line! i really hope you update this soon i love this story so much.
12/22/2007 c9 19diebyownhands
I hate cliffies too!

Evil, evil place to stop, like I don't have enough questions about the story!

When Cecilia said that Steven hadn't been turned yet, it made me wonder what she meant by that and wish Steven had asked.

Also I'm wondering if somehow Arthur can tell when others have "special" gifts or something...because of how he asked Steven what he could do and Twitch's weird mind reading thingy.

Is he really reading minds or is he just very perceptive?

It kind of disappointed me to learn about Rocket, because I feel it makes Steven less special to Arthur in away. Like maybe he is a replacement? The beautiful comment also through me off.

Well I'm glad I woke up early enough to have time to read this. I really like this story, though suspense and thrillers aren't usually my thing.
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