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9/1/2007 c8 froggyfan101
I am in love.

With the story, that is :)

I also love twitch, hes my hero!
8/31/2007 c8 4SerialXLain
I seriously think that I'm in love with Arthur. *sigh*

Water chestnuts are nasty... *continues reading*

Twitch is so cute... Like a little puppy dog. I would feel sorry for him, but I like it too much... :)

Arthur reminds me of the kid who invites you over to his house...and then bosses you around the whole time because it's his house and his rules and his toys... D: Loved the "sweep you off your feet" thing. Lovely... xD

Who trusts a crazy person's promise...? Pft.


(PS... The fanart you have is absolutely gorgeous. :O)
8/30/2007 c8 8LandUnderWave
Arthur is...interesting. That's the word for it; he seems complex. (And there has to be a reason why huge, muscle-y Trenton works for him, right?) Don't really have much else to say, except I look forward to reading more of your marvelous writing.

8/29/2007 c8 7Sunshine Bear
40 people for just one chapter... Whoa.

I thought it would get like 100 because this story is amazing. I love it and Arthur even though he is a could-be raper and murderer. It's a chance I have to take because I love him.
8/27/2007 c8 9Lerene
“I was sweeping you off your feet.” how corny, but funny.

Your story is not boring. It very interesting. There is a lot in it that I like.
8/26/2007 c4 Lerene
Is Lucas okay? He's not dead right?
8/26/2007 c1 Lerene
ew on the deer stuff, but other wise good story.
8/24/2007 c8 Midnights Scream
:) th is story is so odd, but I like it that way and it was a little boring but interesting in other ways. good job!Hope you update soon.
8/22/2007 c8 1DRAGONFIRE04
PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I like this story. I like how steve may have found a way out.
8/22/2007 c8 Laie
I love this story! ^_^

I've read the 8 chapters in one go (2 hours)

*adds to favourites and to story alert*
8/21/2007 c8 magalina
How can you say this is boring? Really, this story´s too much... So many things I want to know... Arthur´s so messed up :sigh: One of the best characters ever. Oh, what´s Steven planning? The “I was sweeping you off your feet.” part was perfect. Ah, I can´t wait to meet Cecelia. Is there anyone else in the house? How old was Twitch? Aah, awesome chapter! Can´t wait for more!

Oh, and I can´t wait to see your fanart for p.gratissima! I wanted to make the toilet part in the last chapter :P

8/19/2007 c8 17Cattails
Arthur is sounding more insane by the minute ^^; I wonder why he sleeps during the day? So, not Kayla, then? Hm...I still want to know what qualifies a person to get kidnapped to this house...it's all very bizarre! But still, Twitch is adorable :P And I'm amused by Arthur's insanity. I loved that "swept off your feet" thing. That was a pretty good pun :P Hee. I'm looking forward to what happens next!
8/19/2007 c7 Cattails
Yeah, I think most people would panic, waking up like that. Well, this situation just keeps getting weirder...Arthur is completely bonkers. Aw, Twitch sounds cute. I'd say he needs a hug, but... Hm, I've never heard of a trot-line before...sounds pretty dangerous. Now that is some super undoing of pants! I'm kinda impressed :P Oh no, Kayla! How'd they find her again? Unless she didn't leave that spot...I hope Lucas is okay... So, can the hostage situation get any worse? I'm guessing...yes.
8/19/2007 c6 Cattails
Ha, I'm liking insane Arthur (I think I just have a thing for crazy characters...) And poor Steven...what the heck has he gotten himself into? Wow, Kayla really doesn't like pain...hopefully she managed to get Lucas to a hospital, though... Hm, I wonder where they're going to end up?
8/19/2007 c5 Cattails
Well, he had a good run, I'll give him that. And I love his little spiel about horror movies :P Guess he forgot the one about jumping up and yelling... Oh well. So, why do they want him, anyway? I bet there's some crazy reason. ^_^ And did Arthur seriously think he was a girl?
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