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8/19/2007 c4 17Cattails
Well, that's one way to take a bad situation and make it worse ^^; I hope Lucas isn't dead...that would've made the punch a bit pointless, eh? So, I wonder if Steven's going to manage to escape, or if someone's going to catch him...hmm...
8/19/2007 c3 Cattails
...well THAT'S ominous! I guess they got on a bad bus... See, this is why you look at a bus map beforehand, to avoid situations like this.
8/19/2007 c2 Cattails
I love the chapter title :P Hm, bribed into babysitting...oh well, trick-or-treating is fun! Oh, bookstore...the best part of the mall, as far as I'm concerned :P Ha, I like Arthur...his outfit sounds so cool. I wonder when they'll run into each other again...?
8/19/2007 c1 Cattails
Oh, ew. So glad no one in my house hunts...and that my uncle doesn't live with us ^^;; Ha, Kayla amuses me.
8/19/2007 c8 23firestar267
Loved it! As usual. The deal was unexpected but very interesting. Arthur gets more and more interesting by the second lol, cant wait for more!
8/19/2007 c8 73xanthofile
ah, that plan seems too flawed to be anything but perfect. good, good, he'll have a roommate. in case things get "hairy" so to speak. we'll see how that one develops. although, the whole 'sweeping you off your feet' was a bit...odd. i had to think about it and then it was funny, but only after i did a brief pantamime of someone sweeping/swept. nice.

dang though, all that relocationg. hope you get settled soon.
8/18/2007 c8 Scribbles Go On Forever
Arthur's so cool. He's totally insane though. The 'sweep you off your feet' thing was a little scary, but then again, he's totally insane. It'll be interesting to meet Kayla/Cecelia. I want to see how Arthur reacts in her prescence.
8/18/2007 c8 Question Sleep
Ahh! What an strangely AMAZING story...

I'm in love with Arthur and his total-insane-ness

(Is it bad that it took me awhile to figure out the 'Sweep you off your feet' thing? .; )

I hope you'll update soon ^_^
8/17/2007 c8 Wanabet
Great next chapter, I was beginning to wonder if you had stop writing it. But I really want someone . . anyone to punch Authur PLEASE!
8/17/2007 c8 Oki3xDoki3
gyaa~~ their getting along! . heheh omg more more more!
8/17/2007 c8 3nonaccount
In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed . . . . Sheesh, someone's a big Austen fan. Those lines just popped into my head when I was thinking about this story and I how I didn't read it for the longest time because I'm a scaredy-cat and I don't need a horror story to chase me around in my restless sleep.

But I am weak. Weak! I tell you! And I succumbed to the inevitable and read this story and, surprise, surprise - I like it! Of course, in an effort of self-preservation I have kinda attached contingencies to my reading this story.

'What are these contingencies, you nutter?' I flatter myself into believing you will ponder. To which I will now reply (oh, I'm so glad that we could have this imaginary, totally one-sided conversation!)the biggest contingency or 'delusion' if you will, is that I have convinced myself that Arthur and his band of merry men ferret away or 'kidnap'if you will abused children and take them to their "fort" where they learn self-worth and self-love and all that crappy, sappy, psychotherapy, feel-good shit.

Yes, yes I know there are many holes in this theory, but not so many that I can't throw my protective theory blanket over my head to sheild my delicate psyche from any scarring scariness. I've got to admit that the two biggest holes are Trenton and Arthur respectively.

Trenton, yeah, viciously punching Steven's twin in the face for some reason just doesn't line up with the stereotypical do-gooder image. Oh ho! But maybe, or clearly for my sanity's sake, these are not your stereotypical goodie-goodies. Oh yes, they must work outside the law to save those poor, desperate souls in need. Ok, everyting is right in my world now . . . well, not everything, but the small corner of my world where I read this story is looking more promising. Which leads me to the other thorny issue, Arthur.

Arthur, Arthur (shakes head sadly). Clearly, he's at least mentally unbalanced and while that can be sexy in the short term, it's not prime mate (he he primate!) material. Although, DAMN he is fuckin' sexy, especially in this chapter. I love the broom thing - it ably showcases his adorable, possibly (still holding out hope!) psychotic nature.

This chapter is my favorite so far. I think because my theory/contingency had more credence (as if it needs it!) lent to it. Specifically, at the dinner table when Trenton says, "'He's not even -'" and Arthur interrupts before he can finish with, "'Exactly'". Of course in my mind I imagined "abused" or some variant on that theme as what Trenton was going to say.

Also, while the Stockholm Syndrome is a possibility it just doesn't fit with my contingency so I say 'Fie! Fie on you Stockholm Syndrome! You have no role here! Toddle on back to your land of avant garde films and lingonberries and leave us sane people alone!' thus I have dismissed outright the Stockholm Syndrome for Twitch's affection to Arthur and his band of merry men. Therefore, Twitch is not in danger at ye old fort and so huzzah! Arthur and his merry men are not hurting people they are HELPING them. :)

Wow, it's late and this review took way longer than I thought it would. So please accept this long, boring, crappy review as payment for reading your story.
8/16/2007 c8 ddz008
Great chapter! It was interesting... but everything is still such a big mistery. Where are they? Who is Arthur? What does he wants? And so many many more questions... I haven't even guessed a little bit of the plot or something XD Thanks for writing such a wonderful and intriguing story! Update soon, please :)
8/16/2007 c8 2seraphim-rush
E! Arthur's so creepy! xD For some reason, I just felt like screaming, "NO!" when he said that Arthur had to let him go in the end. That is NOT the right way to say it! He should've said, "Let me leave this place alive and well and don't come after me ever again." Letting someone go most likely means killing them in Arthur's eyes. Nu. TT-TT I hope I didn't guess correctly, but then again, this IS horror. xD Excellent job so far!
8/16/2007 c8 1StarRuby
Haha, I was so excited when I saw you had a new chapter up! And of course you did not disappoint! It was brilliant; I could feel the tension between them. I loved it.

And I eagerly anticipate your next update. :D I'll be patient, since it seems you're having a few real life issues, hehe.
8/16/2007 c8 5Curb Crasher
I don't think it was boring. Of course, this story is now in the 'cute' category for me again. And don't take it the wrong way, because I think a lot of stories are cute, I just don't generally say that for many reasons . . . one of which being I can never remember to tell the authors that in the review. My memory's that bad.

In light of this, I have nothing else to say, because I can't remember what I was thinking when I read this. This often happens. But it was good, I remember that clearly.

Luck with the moving and all. . . .
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