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8/16/2007 c8 roses in bloom
Wow. I totally shivered at that last line. You have such a way with writing, and I'm completely hooked! I can't wait for the update!
8/16/2007 c8 13Vampgurl99
Wow-o forty reviews for one chapter! Count yourself very very lucky! Poor you having to move a lot...why? Unless you love packing everything up and moving base all the time then good for you?

hahaha, this chapter makes me love all the characters even more! It seems like a lot of your reviewers love love love twitch, and I do too! I think he'd be a nice pet? Yep yep! He's cute! I hope you draw him next! And perhaps the other characters too? I love the new drawing of Arthur, makes him look semi-scary and really insane. At first I thought the artist made him look like a wolf or something because of the hood with fur. I had to do a double take.

But on to the chapter! Hooray! You updated! You now get a pat on the back. *patting* And it was a long chapter too! Even better! Okay, it seems like I like to use a lot of ! right now...I'm just happy? The end of the chapter, it didn't really look like Steven is giving up, just that he's trying to assess the situation and pick the best option out of whatever is available. I can't wait to meet Cecelia! I bet that's going to be a lot of fun.

Please please explain Arthur's insane house! I'm on the edge of my seat and now you've forced me to come to conclusions and I hate doing that! Arthur doesn't really seem capable of physically beating another person, a girl especially...then again he did kidnap Steven so...he really is insane isn't he? How old is Arthur? Because in my head he's older like early twenties but for some reason I get the feeling that he isn't much older than 19, if that. Hm ponder.

Well have fun packing all your stuff and moving again and again! Hopefully you'll update soonish? If not I bet you'll get people to start harassing you...maybe?

8/16/2007 c8 a-kamari
hey hi ^ ^

Your story is still nice. It did not turn boring at all!
8/16/2007 c8 2Naomi Schemer
I like this story. A lot. It's crazy...and awesome. You rightfully won the Most Original Character award, I do believe. This chapter did not bore me at all, even if it wasn't as tense as I think you wanted it to be. The deal itself is interesting. I can't wait to see how things go for Steven.
8/16/2007 c8 5American Schokolade
Sleeps all day? VAMPIRE!

Okay, I'm gonna quit with that now. Ehm, good chapter. It was a little filler just because it lacked action, but that ending part was definitely a needed shifty. Didn't sound like he was giving up, not at all...

Well, I have to say, Arthur is still really interesting. I'm kind of dying of curiosity about what's going on in this psycho house, which I guess is pretty much your intention, so good for you, but uh! Yeah, update please...
8/16/2007 c8 25Esquirella
Arthur really is a nutcase! I wonder what the whole backstory on this group is.
8/16/2007 c8 Cracked Butterfruit
TWITCH IS SO CUTE IT HURTS! I want him. Sigh, like a little human kitty :D Goshdang, I really love Arthur. He's so mixed-up and sexy. I'm so happy you updated. I was like (checks email. YAY! FINALLY! MY THIRST IS QUENCHED) Hehe. Sorry, this is a crap review...I have to go do more bloody homework...;_;
8/16/2007 c8 AMV
Ha, that's a very interesting deal you've got there. lol. I rather like Aurthor and OMG I saw the pic of him -I nearly sreamed! He is so friggin hot!

Anyways, I also love Twitch. He's so cute and nice and adorable the way he adores Author. It's almost sad, but still cute. I can't wait to meet Cecilia, because I have a feeling what he heard wasn't entirely accurate, but maybe that's just me. -_-'

It wasn't boring, no. A bit uneventful I suppose, and yeah, filler, but ver good just the same. He finally got to get out of the room and they watched the sunset together! Under different circumstances, that'd be romantic. Hm, okay, it kind of was anyway, even though he's a hostage.

M'kay, can't wait for the next update! ^_^

8/16/2007 c8 heartxjelly
It wasn't boring at all.

You had to explain how the place looked like and worked somehow so might as well as get it over and done with at first.

Gahh, he's so insane.. And bipolar..

"Where's my darling baby girl?"

- "Take her plate up. Shove it down her fcking throat if you have to."

Ohh my. I really do hope Steven turns Arthur sane..

Thnx for the updatee.

I liked it.
8/16/2007 c8 2HollyJolly4u
so i havent even read it yet bu ti know im gonna likey it bc ive been waiting soo patiently for this to be updated haha. here we go! aww i likey twitch but i hate the fact that he's pretty much the clean-up-everything-or-we-hurt-you-guy. hes so cute! and i just want to give him a big hug. i always fall for the characters that are handicapped, or weird, or abused in some way. :/

bhahah kinda embarrassing asking about kayla and the poor guys all "uh well thats not really her name and all." ahaha but why was this girl cecelia screaming then if twitch was friends with her hm. its so funny that arthur runs the show you know? i mean wasnt he kinda like an older teen? he could have been older i dont really remember his age sorry, but its always the crazy ones that everyone listens to.

Why was my kidnapper letting me take a shower? goo question but he doesnt want to smell you haha. I looked at Twitch. His big brown eyes were watery, firmly fixed on his empty plate. “Don’t you like it?” he continued. “Do you not like stir-fry? I can make you something else…?” YuP I'm def in love with him, i wanna huggle him forevers and evers. i dont want this review to cut off bc it's done that before so lovely chapter and i realy hope you update soon!
8/16/2007 c8 Kidiu
Ooh, please update soon, such a weird story. Was that their first kiss? I don't remember...
8/16/2007 c8 AnnaG.Luv
Yay new chapter! i feel so blessed. Lol.

moving is a pain isn't it? i had to do it this summer again.

8/16/2007 c8 11My Chemical Music Box
This deal... Hmm...

Why does it remind me of that movie called Dragonheart where King Einon believed that to let someone go - you killed them?

Especially with that, "It's a promise." bit.

Update Soon! (If you can)
8/15/2007 c8 ahoy
It honestly makes my day when you put out a chapter of Blind Yourself. I loved it, and I hope for more awkwardness and Un!Comfortable! moments.
8/15/2007 c8 Meller
Lol yes poor me. But at last I am satisfied. For now... I was very happy when I ckecked today and found you really had posted a new chpater and i wasn't going crazy like our pal arthur. Back to the story! You are still leaving tiny little bread crumbs to the big puzzle of what and who Steven is with. You didn't use his name in this chapter so I kind of forgot it haha so i hope that's right. I need more clues! Why does Arthur sleep at night! Is he a creepy wannabe vampire or is he a real vampire? some creature of the night? Why do his people obey him like little puppets? Why why why! Ok what's the deal with the girl? You better answer me! Of course I love Arthur and his needy self. Will he ever be sane? I don't think so. Steven definitely needs to find a way to escape. Knock out twitch! steal his clothes and shoes and make a brake for it in the dead of the night. Well i'm going to give you a week to write the next chapter. ONE WEEK. Then i will be pestering you for more. Please update soon...for me :)
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