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for Blind Yourself

8/15/2007 c8 3doragon41
ooh that was a sexy picture of arthur! love the story by the way ^_^ and update soon!
8/15/2007 c8 52Liviania
I think you accomplished tense and awkward. And Arthur is still creepy. ^_^

8/15/2007 c8 1SomeHearts
Definately NOT boring, I can't stop reading. Arthur is insane but I like him for some reason, but I'm also really confused. Where are they? What's going on exactly? And is Arthur the leader of a cult or something?

Ahh [-pulls out hair-] so confusing yet so interesting, can't wait for more.
8/13/2007 c2 AnnaG.Luv
O i like this story so far.

I hope you keep it updated!
8/12/2007 c7 meller
please update i am seriously obsessed with this fic. i check almost everyday to see if you took pity on us readers and posted a new chapter. I really like Arthur's character. he seems very needy but tries to cover it up by being...well psycho. And he is very very disturbed lol. Steven needs to sneak out and get more information to what is happening to him and who are the people keeping him locked up. When I first started reading this i thought it was some kind of demons or somthing kidnapping humans for slaves or playthings. Now I'm just plain confused and I think that's a good place for readers to be because we want to solve the puzzle on our own. I shall wait ever patiently for your update
8/7/2007 c7 harpy q
new fan. i'm hooked in. great story. i love the flow of the words, the descriptions, the scenarios, the whole story in general. i'm so stoked about pondering/finding out why this Art dude is kidnapping Steven! great cliffhangers, and hangers in general. "in general". i like that clause too much. anyway, love your story! it's really fun and interesting to read.
8/1/2007 c7 42RieCo
Anymore? PLEASE! It's very very good! (=

Always! Kiwi
7/31/2007 c4 2HollyJolly4u
He knew that I whined when I got a paper cut. bhahah thats a cute line. I tried not to let my slight disappointment show—it didn’t surprise me, really. They loved each other. They planned to get married when they graduated. Lucas and I had clashed our entire lives, so I just wasn’t as important. that actually made me really sad, i was just thinking about how nice of a twin he was acting and then that came and thats pretty fucked up, i mean i know they're dating and all but he's your TWIN your BLOOD how sad. :[

wow in a sick way i liked that his face would never be back to normal, he was a racist jerk and then he was going to leave his brother. looks meant so much to him for him to have that taken away was the only way you know? damn i like i really like your writing hahah. sorry if you hate cursing.
7/31/2007 c2 HollyJolly4u
This guy had no chance whatsoever at buying a firearm. ahaha i like his pants actually or the way that you described them. and he's so blunt saying hey beautiful and just coming up to someone in a gun store like how creepy. i really do wonder if they would let him buy a gun i mean he did look like the type that would blow up the school or something.

aww and i like how his brother lucas comes to the rescue, thats cute, even though they're opposite (even tho i dont know what Steven looks like lol i cant remember if you had a description of him) but i like that lucas sticks up for him and looks out for him thats really cute. and thats weird your girl bestfriend is dating your brother, that could really put someone in an awkward position.

ahah and i was JUST thinking about the bus scene b.c. i'm pretty sure thats gonna be the love interest in some sick way haha and they were in a gun store so I'm curious. great chapter, and you have seriously good editing skills, do you beta?
7/31/2007 c1 HollyJolly4u
im pretty interested!

you have a twin? are you guys identical? do you guys get along? haha sorry i'm always just so fascinated with twins and if they have that whole mind thing where they can tell if the other one is hurt and stuff pretty cool. well off to the next chappie!
7/30/2007 c7 2bad news girl
oh man. this is delicious.
7/29/2007 c7 Mediocre Cinderella
What the hell is going on? In other words, very interesting. I like this story a great deal. It's unique and entertaining. And I do like Arthur, in an odd, creepy sort of way. I rather like his personality towards Steven, and am anxious to see how their relationship plays out. I rather like Steven's character, too. He seems average enough, but also down-to-earth. I feel like I can relate to his character, even though I'm not a teenage homosexual boy and have never been kidnapped. Also, I've noticed that you complain about the quality of your writing in just about each chapter, but I just have to say that I think you do just fine. You write very well, and the prose flows nicely, making it an easy, enjoyable read. But anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing more from you. Update soon!
7/20/2007 c7 1SomeHearts
I'm seriously confused, but I can't stop reading it!

It's very twisted, but in a good way. I absolutely love it. Author, I don't know why, I just love his character. I'm sick, aren't I? And Steven, his confusion is rubbing off on me, I feel so bad for him! Please, please upload another chapter, I'll beg if I have to!
7/18/2007 c7 a-kamari
You've got me totally hooked to your story! Aw...0_o Arthur didn't really...you know...rape her, did he? Because, hey, you didn't exactly state it. It can just be little steven misunderstanding things, no? xD Poor steven...I just want to hug him and never let him go. By the way, nice p icture of Arthur. =D
7/18/2007 c7 11Silver Edged Fantasy
I like this story alot. I like Steven and that he is so logical. I hope you update again soon.
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