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for Blind Yourself

7/17/2007 c7 Rubadub
This is so cool...

I like the whole 'he got kidnapped on a freaky bus by a psycho guy' thing. If that's not original I'm afraid to find out what is. So needless to say this plot has pretty much rocked my purple toe-socks so far and I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm still at a loss as to what it is that Arthur want's him for though...

7/14/2007 c7 oo
youve got me interested, at first i thought it was like a bus ride to hell but now im kinda lost, are they real humans, and like runaways or what. kepp updating.
7/14/2007 c7 Cracked Butterfruit
Oh my god! What next? what next? Aw, poor fluffy kitty Steven. This story frightens the odd socks off me but I just can't help but crave more because of your insane ability to portray realistic emotion and ARTHUR askdljksfjd! Arthur is so psychotic that I've fallen in obsessive love with him! I don't know how to express it, but he sexily fascinates me. Hehe. Yes, well I love you because you gave birth to him and fed him and made him all sexy and creepy and heartstopping. Update soon! Oh the mystery. Starving for more...
7/12/2007 c7 4SerialXLain
I feel Steven's pain. Waking up tied up probably would've thrown me into a panic attack. D: I can't even stand being hugged. :O

Twitch is cute...in an odd little way...and I love Arthur even more... The more psycho he acts the more likely I am to like him. :)

Kayla, though. o.o That really surprised me.

Can't wait for more.

7/11/2007 c7 12Amorelle
This story is so dark and twisted that you can't not read it. O.O

God poor Steven, he just makes you want to hug him and make him feel better.

Can't wait to see what happens
7/11/2007 c7 lazyxhime
Wow it's pretty scary. I wonder where you're going with this cause I'm kind of confused. I'd love to read more. ^^
7/10/2007 c7 11My Chemical Music Box
O_O What did Arthur do to her! O_O

This is really good!

*adds to faves and alerts*

Update soon!

7/9/2007 c7 Iamausername
oh em gee I'm totally in love with this fic! It's so refreshing to see such an original and well thought out story line. It's really well written and the end of every chapter just has you begging for more! Instant fave, fantastic job.
7/9/2007 c7 bansira
This is really creepy, so not my thing (torture and blood scares me to death - i have that in common with Kayla as it seems) but still, it's addicting and fascinating in a morbid way. Summed up, i like it!

Also, the main character is quite believable... apathetic reactions to panic are more common than hysteria (hysteria is used in the movies because if all the characters would freeze, there wouldn't be suspense since you don't follow their thoughtlines, only their actions).

I can't say if i like Arthur yet, he doesn't make sense, but i guess that's what you get with a psycho xD; !

I'm curious at how this'll develop, keep it up!
7/9/2007 c7 3Sweet Child
Wow, that was - interesting. I man, it's confusing and bizarre, but at the same time cool in a strange kind of way. I think that about sums it up and, in my opinion, it totally describes the atmosphere in the story.

As for your writing style, I don't think you should change anything, you write absolutely great. Also, your characters are some of the most original ones I0ve encountered so far on this site. Kudos for that. Although, I'm still really confused as to what Arthurs' plans are. Hope to find out soon!
7/9/2007 c7 the skaboss
now with the introduction of twitch, i've really started to wonder what sort of operation arthur's running, and how he manages to get people to work for him. i'm stuck between whether that was really kayla or if it was just steven's mind playing tricks on him... hm.
7/7/2007 c7 ddz008
Great chapter! I'm so glad you have updated, this story is so interesting and creepy and I love it XD Arthur is so strange, a great mystery that I hope will be at least partially solved in later chapters... Was the girl Kayla? Please, update soon! :)
7/7/2007 c7 Lyricalia
HOWLING GOD! *stunned*

This chapter was so, so perfect! *cries*

OMG, this, this is the best chapter so far. I know you must know the 'fangirling' feeling- yeah, that one that makes you go al squee and OMG-i'm-supressing-a-fan-scream and ijustcan'tstopreading and I need moreneedmoreneedmore...

...need more NOW...

It possesed my whole self all along the chapter (since i noticed the wonderful, lovely, and big, big 'M' at the beginning of the chapter- did i tell you that i love you?), and i came up with the only reason about why i would do that (i don't do it often. In fact, i can count it with one hand...): you drugged me. You've made me an ADDICT. You!*wails*

And i love every second of it. I love the way you write, what they say, the awesome and never-expected turns you do to the story (and make your characters suffer under them too); and i must say that the art done for the story is just awesome. I like your style when drawing- and Oki3xDoki3's one is just love. (sorry, i don't have a deviant account :P)

Before i forget: good luck with the contest! I voted you some days ago (when i sent you the last review) and can't wait for the results :3!

Ok, ove with that, i must say sorry for disappearring for some time- actually, school punched me, bit me, ate me, leaved me K.O, and when i regained consiousness, kicked me right in the ass. (and it hurt, BTW)

But it was all worth when i tripped (beacuse i did, and it hurt) when i got a glimpse of your name when i was entering my door when i leaved the mail page to process and SURPRISE! there was an alert and i got a little and laughable purple mark on my head. (who put that chair there?...don't answer, i KNOW it was me. Argh.)

And i love you. And i'm rambling and i don't care. I'm sorry for that xD! *shots self*

Okay, so i'll go now. Thank you for the chapter! And sorry for the bad english :P
7/7/2007 c7 1StarRuby
Whee! An update! :D

This chapter was amazing. x3 I didn't think it sounded stupid. D: I really do love Arthur, and I voted for you. ^^ There's just something appealing in his insanity. XD

Anyway, can't wait for the next update. :D
7/7/2007 c7 1DRAGONFIRE04
PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I like this story so much. I also like hoe arthur seem to get more insane each chapter.
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