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for Blind Yourself

4/15/2007 c5 4SerialXLain
I still don't understand the Steve is a girl confusion. But if I ever accidentally have a daughter, her name will definitely be Steve...and if she's picked on it's your fault.

"he tried to flirt" Cute.

:shakes head: I knew it was Arthur back there.

I love Arthur. I do. He's amazing.

I love this story...

4/15/2007 c5 Lyricalia
Yeah! It IS realistic *looks away*

Anyways! This chapter was pure awesome-ness! So much action that i screamed-like-a-screeching-fangirl when Arthur pinned him down! OH MY GOSH!

But then he HAD to make himself a bad guy...

I love it!

I'm so happy now (even that lil' stevie failed in his stupidity...), that..thank you.

Oh, and i'm of those idiots that scream at the characters in the Tv, too. *laughs nerviously*
4/14/2007 c5 froggyfan101
hum...their really out to get this kid.

wats up with the brother? hope hes ok. lol

doubt those 2 fall in love like i hoped haha.

update soon!
4/14/2007 c5 Kasee Lara
Wow, I'm really liking this so far. Can't wait to see where it's going.
4/13/2007 c5 1Bleed The Dream
AH. Absolutely brilliant.

I love this story.

Good job.

Please update soon, in suspensee...
4/13/2007 c5 4mandrake-o
Lol. This story is so out there. I like it.

=) Mandraco.
4/13/2007 c3 9SolisLuna
mary, mother of god that ending was kinda creepy. lol, luv the story so far, update soon please!
4/13/2007 c3 2myth36
*mouth drops* what...whats going on whats going to happen whats he mean she going to die ah this is gr8
4/13/2007 c5 magalina
You updated! Yay! I wanted Arthur to be the good one :( But, it´s more interesting this way! And that this about horror movies is so true... But it makes them funny sometimes. Great chapter and CAN´T wait for the next! :D
4/13/2007 c2 myth36
ur story getting better the more i read i can tell its going 2 b gr8
4/13/2007 c5 1DRAGONFIRE04
I like how the story is going. Is his brother going to be ok?
4/13/2007 c1 2myth36
thats gr8 u hav wrote it really well, oh man that must hav bn horrible seeing that i remeber once i cn my next door neighboor sinking a deer yuck
4/13/2007 c4 Julia
I'm actually posting [again] for chapter five. You've gotten me that obsessed with this story.

Uh, the goth guy was in the BACK OF THE BUS? Damn.. How could she/he miss that? Wow.. What a traitor.. I thought that they would fall in love or something. I don't see a chance at that happening any time soon though. Shame. He's such a hottie. [Sorry for sounding a bit shallow. I'm a girl. I'm allowed to be shallow once in a while, aren't I? Lol]

Anyway, again, please update as soon as you can! This is awesome! One of the best stories I've read in a long time. But then again, I don't go on FictionPress much so...yeah...

I'll shut up. Please update though!
4/13/2007 c5 Julia
Holy shit. This is intense! Wow... This is really well-written. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. But I need MORE! Ah! I think I may be addicted. Creepy stuff is my specialty also. Lol

I have a couple of [ver embarresing] questions:

1. Is the main character a guy or a girl? I'm pretty sure that it's a girl but in the woods she...or he, said that he...or she was a guy. Um, I know. I'm a retard. Yadi ya yadi ya. Heard it all before.

2. Is Lucas real? Or do you just know me? Lmao I have twin brother that practically LIVES at a tanning salon like a hundred miles from where we live and has a very pimped out girlfriend. Lol You don't wanna know..

3. Oh! When's the white hair guy with red tips coming back in the story? Dude. He's freaking hot! Sheesh. You'd think that he was real...

4. He/she is gay right? If it's a she, does she like Kayla?If it's a he, does he dress like a girl? I'm confuzzled. lol

Either way, homie [lol!], you HAVE to update! You wouldn't believe where I live. It's like fun is illegal over here. I mean, for god's sake I live in an anti-social farm in Tennesse where even cows hate me. Lol

UPDATE! I love this story!
4/13/2007 c5 73xanthofile
it is realistic. and damn amusing. and i loved the background details, until i suddenly went, "OH, it DOES have relevance" and then i just laughed at my retarded self. meh.

no dairy queens around here, just braums. but it's raining and i have homework, so no ice cream that a certain story has now instilled a want of. damn.
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