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4/17/2011 c13 9CemeteryLight
I love this story!

I'm really excited to read more, thank you for writing!
2/21/2011 c12 SparkyTheCrayon
how do we know cecelia was even raped? it sounded like it, but how do we/steven know for sure?
2/21/2011 c10 SparkyTheCrayon
2/21/2011 c9 SparkyTheCrayon
yes, i hate cliffies, but its ok if the next chapter is posted, which it is. :D

Cecelia is fascinating.
2/21/2011 c7 SparkyTheCrayon
yes, that would be neat, but... what would be the fun? writing would get boring after a while.

poor kayla :(
2/21/2011 c6 SparkyTheCrayon
steven's human enough. arthurs insanity is cool.
2/21/2011 c5 SparkyTheCrayon
2/21/2011 c4 SparkyTheCrayon
i noticed lucas only got punched once, or did i miss something?

i like that he thinks alot. loads of main characters just dash into trouble without one thought.
2/21/2011 c3 SparkyTheCrayon
his brother doesnt know yet?
2/21/2011 c2 SparkyTheCrayon
i like it
1/3/2011 c13 mikidagreat
; _ ;

I'm so happy and so sad at the same time. Happy that I stumbled upon this story. Sad that my joy has to end because there's no. More. NEXT CHAPTER BUTTON. Agh

I feel like, if I hadn't read this, I'd be less of a person. I feel that today-me is superior to yester-me because I've read Blind Yourself by Amindaya. God, I wish you'd post more fics. Of course, I'm very happy that you make an effort to finish stories before you post more but I need more. You're so yummy, Duckling.

I'm sorry if my reviews seem shallow. Really, I have more insights as I'm reading the chapter but I can't seem to separate the awesome in my head when it's time to review. Generally it just blurs into one giant awesome ball.

I really hope you update soon. I'm looking forward to it.
1/3/2011 c12 mikidagreat
Yeah, I think it's better if you leave the dream sequence un-italicized because it's more confusing therefore more *real*, you know? It's like I'm feeling what Steven's feeling. Which is good.

MILO TOTALLY DID IT. Unless it wasn't rape at all and I'm so confused I dunno what I'm talking about
1/3/2011 c11 mikidagreat
Oh honey. I may not know how it feels to get reviews because I'm not an author, but I know that it feels nice to get reassurance and critique once in a while. To know if what you're doing is right. THIS IS SO RIGHT UGH. PLEASE NEVER LET IT STOP. If you see this, could you say how many chapters I should expect it to be? God, I wish it were epically long. God knows I want you to milk it for all it's worth.
1/3/2011 c10 mikidagreat
Oh m god, I dunno what to say. I don't think I've ever read a story that's kept me this much off my seat. I feel like my heart's gunna leap right outta my chest This is one hell of a masterpiece, darling.
1/3/2011 c9 mikidagreat
Oh god. I'm so afraid for him and I need to know what happens next. You have reduced me to a puddle of glee.

I feel so pathetic I admitted that.

You should be proud of yourself as a writer.

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