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for Blind Yourself

6/26/2010 c13 BrianKinney
Wow... I really, really like this. Twisted, confusing and so very different from anything I've ever read before. And it's quite scary, never forget that!

I think you have the whole writing-suspense-thing down pat, particularly the whole bus scene and when Arthur caught up with Steven in the park. Amazing, really. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I love this story... it's different, and in the best way possible. Can't wait for more!
6/17/2010 c13 3saikyi
O_O OMG. this is actually scary. i want to know what's up with arthur! update! PLEASE?
6/12/2010 c13 Tinyyellowboxes
wow, this is a really unique interesting story. ^_^ i definitely want to see where it's going.
6/2/2010 c13 54big.break.and.laryngitis
This is amazingly written. I'm really curious about everything, too, which is good. I'm excited. I hope to see more soon!
6/2/2010 c13 5PreviouslyDead
so im normally not the threatening kind, but i have to tell you, i fyou dont update soon imma have to find you and tickle you :)
6/2/2010 c13 3Treign
Its so... interesting! I never know what will happen next! Wonderfully strange story, i love it!
5/6/2010 c13 magalina
"Family was apparently a touchy subject." Haha no shit XD

I'm so, so sorry it took me this long to read this! I love it when you update, and every new chapter reminds how much I love your stories.

So, I still don't know what's going on. What are they going to do to him tomorrow night? Or are they bringing someone new? And why was Milo so nice? And what was Trnton doing sleeping with Arthur? And why, WHY did you end it there? D: I need to know what happens next! Hope you update soon :)
5/3/2010 c13 Averael
I'm so happy, you finally updated this story;) Please, continue. I really like it and can't wait to learn more about Arthur.
5/2/2010 c13 mittelan
interesting story! absolutely crazy too. can't wait for the next chapter
4/19/2010 c13 asd
updatey soon?

Love this so much
4/5/2010 c13 Die In A Hole With Penguins
Ouch Painful. I've been waiting forever and now i need to wait longer because you left it at a cliffy. Harsh.

I love this story its fantasticly weird
4/1/2010 c13 Non-existant
Wha-? It ended with a cliffie. I was wondering what was going to happen and I go to click for the next chapter but it didn't exist... Honestly, that's saddening. It's an awesome story though^^ Arthur reminds me of the mad hatter in alice in wonderland... kinda. I like him. Its like he's trying to recreate a family. Its almost like this one book I read... I don't remember what its called though, but the kidnapper would kidnap kids who were unhappy with their lives, give them a new name, trap them in his mansion, and give them chores and stuff like that. He was trying to recreate his family that had died in a fire... Anyhoo, great work!
3/24/2010 c13 5Allanasha Ke Kiri
yikes. This is ... different. And I find myself addicted to it. I just stayed up way later than I'd planned to finish reading it ... *shifty eyes* not that 'much later' means much for me, but I'm exhausted lol

Can't wait for more~

Allanasha Ke Kiri
3/18/2010 c13 4Kia Zi Shiru
great chapter! and great story too cause I remember everything that happened in the chapters before without reading it back ^^
3/13/2010 c13 narcissistic
OMG I LOVE this story. Seriously. Coming off grounding and seeing this updated just makes everything better. hee. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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