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2/2/2007 c1 858Anna178
Sorry I took so long to review this, but the reason was you said it had value to you and so I wanted to review when i was in a mood to do so properly. But your email asked me to so even if I dont think I can produce anything to say, I'm doing it. Not to start off in a bad way, but it seems strange to me, well not really, but if it'd been me writing this the last thing I'd of wanted was for you to read it since it's so personal. So, do you really want my imput in things? Lol. That was a half joke seeing as I'm probably not the best person.

Anyway, I'm sorry if you'd expected me to have a lot to say on this, I suppose in a way I have a lot of thoughts, but none of them will be coming out so...

Of course, before it gets really in depth when it comes to the love part, I very much like the first chunk (paragraph? what do you call it again? lol) I like stencils as well, good way to put it. Being the creative child I was back in the day I had a lot of stencil v.s. black paper experiences. But that doesn't really matter...does it?

I understand this, I'm not so dense, I get the idea, I don't feel it but I comprehend it and in a way...well, things are very bittersweet in life, aren't they? Idk...whatever...

Pointless review, I'm sorry, I dont really have anything to say other than whats been said before or wont be said at all if that makes sense.

Good wishes or something.



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