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for Well, The Thing Is, I'm A Guy

5/8/2014 c19 1kanary98
I can't wait until you update! This story is really good
2/14/2012 c19 AmoreJess
PLEASE UPDATE! I'M DYING HERE! not really but seriously. :P
12/26/2011 c18 D. M. Gotmen
Jem is beginning to like Alyssa! :D And he's jealous of Ben! HIHIHI

What's sad, though, is that Callum died... :( He LOVED her :( So sad. I actually thought they could somehow end up together... But then what would happen to Jem? *sigh* I still liked Callum for Alyssa... But since he's gone... I want Jem for Alyssa. HAHA Anyways...

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please UPDATE SOON! :D
10/28/2011 c19 The Real Alyssa
Ahhhhhh you need to update! I love this! I originally started reading because it had cross dressing and the main character has my name! But I love it so much! Or "lurve", as some Valley Girls say. Lurve is a weird word, huh? Luuuuuuurve... Anywhat, uppppppdaaaate X) Or I will seriously burst into tears. I've been told it is a heart wrenching thing to watch. I would rather not take a wrench to your heart, as it seems like a rather nice heart, just doing it's job pumping blood through your body. And I need that blood to go to your brain and fingers, so you can uppppppdaaaate. So I guess we're at an impasse if you don't update, now aren't we? Because if you don't, there will be a wrench in your heart, making it impossible to update.

So please update, so your heart won't have a wrench in it and so mine isn't broken :)
8/23/2011 c1 NYR
And I guess I'm sorry if you happen to be a sparkly, pink fluff loving crazy... That didn't sound very apologetic at all. Eh.
8/23/2011 c1 NYR
That boy tried too hard. Honestly, nowadays, there aren't as many sparkly, pink, fluff loving crazies in this world, and good riddance to them!
11/8/2010 c19 killerqueen123
Haha, you didn't update this story in 2 years? Wow, well i'm glad i found it now then! But are you still planning on finishing this? If you aren't thank you for not leaving us readers on a cliffhanger. I hate and love those.

Sincerely~ Random Reader
6/26/2010 c19 joly86
6/10/2010 c19 fariswheel
awesome story dude, real cool. methinks a certain transvestite doth like Alyssa
6/3/2010 c8 2Anchor
Woah, I just now realized that one of my Best Friends Name is Alyssa Anderson! what a freaky coincidence:)

Sorry I was just wondering why i thought the name seemed familiar...

Now i will be seeing her face when reading this.
6/1/2010 c19 1P.F Ally
woot i'll check this story again when my final exam is OVER :P LOL eh wait it's 3 AM and i haven't studied biology yet. oh shoot. :| later dudette
6/1/2010 c11 P.F Ally
dude. i cracked up at the rez part xDD LMAOO
5/2/2010 c19 Krush32
This story is great, can't wait for next update.
4/27/2010 c19 6CrimsonSilence
So I read your whole story today and was like yes the author updated this month!...then I got to the last chapter and felt pretty let down when you said you hadn't updated in two years because I really liked the story...and you hadn't updated in TWO. YEARS...but then I was immediately lifted up when you said you would finish it this summer :) so finish it this summer...just sayin'.

Your New Yet Faithful Reader

4/25/2010 c19 samlovesyou
can you plz finish the rest of da story...!its amazing :)_
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