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2/2/2007 c1 19Rhea Valente
Wow... powerful... intense... the ending! Wow... i wish i could say more except *adds to favs*... *shivers*...

~ L

2/1/2007 c1 16Dollface Dead
Wow. This was really...intense. It's an eye-opener too. You click on the link expecting a sappy, cleaned up version about expectations on life and instead you get...truth. Yeah, I loved it. I did find this:

Don not let hatred fill you up, but rather continue striving to satisfy your desire

"Don not" looks like a typo, but it's the only thing in this piece that I DID find. Great job. Wonderful. What can I say? :D
2/1/2007 c1 CHIIJOY
Woah, that last part got to me. Great twist.

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