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11/20/2007 c1 15Dreamer101
Although I disagree a bit on the theory, very nicely written. I can just imagine your old grandpapa gentleman speaking to your boy. I'm probably stereotyping horribly, but that philosophy seems to be the norm among the older generation nowadays. Or, at least the ones I've come into contact with. I loved your description bit about the snow. Good little contemplative story!


2/26/2007 c1 4Secretly Steve
Run, boy! The man's words are pure darkness! They'll swallow your life upbit bybit, until you one day end up the same as him!

But really. Some of thie things the old man said re actually things that my grandmother told me as I was growing up. It's wierd, but it brings back good times. If I could rate this, I'd give it about a 3.75/5. I do have one question. When the man says "It’s infallible; perfectly, completely infallible” did you mean to leave the punctuation out like he was getting cut off and then the boy was talking, or did you just forget it? Eh, don't wory about it. But thanks for bringing back some memories.

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