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for I Don't Mind OR Ironically Afraid

6/8/2008 c1 2Wolfcry-Sama
That first verse completely hooked me. Awesome song.
10/19/2007 c1 half-sketched.staccatos
konnichi wa

I *really* liked the first stanza - it was my favorite: "I don't mind standing on the edge / but the thought of falling scares me to death / I don't mind standing in the rain / but my fear of drowning shall always remain."

"But I fear the loneliness I've always known / I've never known which way to go" - It sounds sort of like it's repeating because you used the same words in both lines. You might want to change the wording of one of them.

A really great poem. :)


3/19/2007 c1 49The Reverse Edge Blade
Oh, that was a beautiful song! So full of depth. Your words were so meaningful. This'll go in my favorites, it was so beautiful.

The Reverse Edge Blade
3/3/2007 c1 14Queerest
Awesomeness...I wish this were a real song...
2/3/2007 c1 11xo Secrets
First Verse Conveyed A Lot Of Emotion & Completely Hooked Me In. & The Bridge... Wow. Quite Beautiful. ^_^

Lots Of Love & Best Wishes

~ xo Secrets
2/1/2007 c1 96Pandakun84
Not bad. I like this. Nice job! Keep it up!

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