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1/18/2013 c20 Wickedforlife
why did she break her curse? She never put it on her.
11/7/2010 c22 3LanternLight13
Good plot; I wasn't expecting that ending, but that's probably why I liked it.
2/19/2010 c22 3Ripred
Aah! I don't like the ending:( *sobs* poor claire...

But great story on the whole:D
8/7/2009 c8 1AmberAKTF
This chapter wasn't boring at all. I enjoyed it. :)
8/7/2009 c7 AmberAKTF
Septimus shoved me forward toward onto the ground and jumped away,the sentence is better without 'toward', but I don't think you meant to put there in the first place.

I think you're at your best writing action. I really enjoyed this chapter!
8/7/2009 c5 AmberAKTF
Ah! Makes him able to what?
8/7/2009 c4 AmberAKTF
Quite a turn of events...but I'm defineltly not unhappy with it. Every story needs some drama and I wonder what Septimus's is. Very nice chapter and I hope the next one is as good, if not better, which I'm sure it will be.
8/7/2009 c3 AmberAKTF
Pretty good...My only thought is that I don't really like the descriptions of the men with the beard, without the beard but with a mustache, and the man with no beard. It just seemed to...lengthy and unnecessary. I suggest a small rewrite, to describe the nasty men in the alley.

Moving on to the next chapter!
8/7/2009 c2 AmberAKTF
I think I found one error, though I not to sure about it.

I believe it is sewn not sewed, but I could be wrong. Sewn just sounds better.

Anyways...I don't think it is anything like Ella Enchanted. I mean there is the similarity or being cursed, but I think that's where it stops.

Nice first chapter! And I'm on to the second. :)
8/7/2009 c1 AmberAKTF
So what was the deal that they made...? That Sepimus was going to take the baby? Or practice magic on her? That bit was a tad confusing but I'm sure that it'll will be explained more in later chapters. Besides that, I did like the story and look forward to where it is going. I like your straight forward style way of writing. Just enough description, not over done.

I didn't see any mistakes, because I'm sure you found them a while ago, so no help needed there.

And I will say this sounds like a book I read a long time ago called Ella Enchanted, so hopefully it won't be anything like. I don't like reading stories twice. :)

Happy writing!
4/19/2008 c1 vickky
wow thats soo good, an extremly good idea i must say
4/15/2008 c3 Serentochan
This is really imaginative. You can really feel for the main character, Lea. Though I do advise you to slow your pace slightly in future. I think she should have had to search a little more before she found Septimus.

Excellent story! Going in my favorites!
3/29/2008 c3 EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY52
Hey! Lord Of The Marsh here! I was sent by one of the Review Game mods! So far, I love it. Very creative premise, good dialog, and clear but interesting description! I will certainly be reading every chapter, and will leave another review when I am done. I can't find anything to complain about at this point,so...


Signing Off!
3/5/2008 c22 MRACR
THAT...was extremely good. :) :) I love the characters, and the curse about the reversed phrase (I love it when people warp common sayings) was awesome. There're just a couple things. One, Septimus said something about the difference between forever and eternity just before he disappeared. At the end you reiterated this correctly, with the eternity thing. But I think it was Naiya who said they'll be there forever, when she should have said they'll be there for eternity? Just something I noticed. And the curse that Meya put on Septimus wasn't explained very well. I like how you didn't just rush into the detailed explanation, very good, but you didn't end up fully explaining it, and kind of left me in the dark about that. The only other thing I can think of at the moment to point out is what Theo said, I think it would make a lot more of an impact if he simply was asking permission to marry Lea, instead of "date and eventually marry". That just sounded a bit...awkward and rough, for such a momentous event, and he had the ring and everything... but other than the couple things that stood out to me, I really really enjoyed this story. :) Thanks for writing it! Oh, and the ending with Septimus and Meya, awesome. I was afraid you were going to go with Septimus and Claire and when you didn't, I was quite happy. It just fit better this way. And it is sad about Claire, but, hey, if everything's perfect by the end of the story it doesn't give that poetic, bittersweet quality of realism, now does it? Loved it. And now I'm rambling. ;)
12/2/2007 c22 8Willowindrain
Wow... Another heartfelt story from you.

Okay I liked the summary and the whole idea of the story . Actually I think the part which I liked the most was the idea of Lea's curse. Words hurting instead of physical contact. Very very original ;) How do you get so many wonderful ideas anyway ?

The main character , Lea, although she was a very wonderful person I think she lack depth . Most of the scenes with her is either her getting slashed by words or her interaction with the prince. The only characteristic that I picked up was that she's brave (saved Theo)and cares for others (as shown when she offered help at the sight of Septimus's wound). Maybe I missed out what you wanted to portray ? I had no problems with Septimus . Infact he's my most favourite character in the whole story ;)

On with the plot. I thought that the story started out well. But when it reached the middle suddenly it was a little bit rushed . What you can do to lengthen the story is maybe to write a small part in Theo's point of view ? Yeah I did read the part in your profile that said that you might not make it longer (pouts) Oh phooey...

This story without doubt has the best epilouge I've ever read. I was very very moved .

Yerp. I think that should be it . :) Keep coming up with these wonderful plot ideas and I'm sure you will become a very sucessful authoress someday.
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