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for 80mph and accelerating towards a conclusion

2/11/2008 c1 Devin Brines
I didn't get the entire picture either. But it might just because I suck at reading poetry. Anyway, part IV was ridiculous. Every word in it has a purpose. It could not be a word shorter, and it shouldn't be a word more.
2/3/2007 c1 10Rosemarine
Um, good? I'm feeling a little confused. You have some scattered fragments of distinguishable awesomeness, but I just kinda feel like i don't know what's going on. Almost like the ideas are too fragmented and i can't tie them together in my mind to create a coherent story.
2/3/2007 c1 74laughter at the funeral
wow, i really like the idea of the highway signs...its so amazing how those simple signs that people just pass by became an inspiration for a poem...

im just not sure if the artworks and the highway signs work that well together but they sure seem to strike a chord together even just a bit...

"a measure of how far we've run from home"

~i love that line

truly yours...
2/3/2007 c1 82Doxology
Beautiful. The picture/feeling you paint is just glorious. I also love the format of it.

Peace and Love

~ Lifted

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