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for My Secret Love

8/19/2007 c1 6concerto49
Heya. Concerto.

Guess that's life, things like that happen. Many things often don't turn out the way we want it to.

It's hard to keep a secret - even harder to love in secret.

Hm. I wonder. It's hard to keep up. Oh well. Cool.

Anyhow. Cheers.
2/4/2007 c1 ladytamuril
...story of my life, except i'm not technically "in love" with my guy-i was just obsessed with him for 7/8 of my school career. (wooho...)

Anyhoo, marvelous poem. I like it, i really do. I shall totter off to read your other works now!

Hugs and kisses and lots of mushiness (jk),

2/4/2007 c1 29strider7901

This line was awkweard. Something you may want to consider changing. Love hurts...


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