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for You Don't Deserve Me

12/2/2014 c4 Marie Starr
I'm really interested in Parsia's story, please if you are still on here, update! I look forward to it!
1/6/2014 c4 3morningstorm70
I do hope you continue with this and the other stories they are absolutely great
1/1/2014 c4 qq
I hope you guys find inspiration and time for your stories in the new year because I really miss receiving updates for your well-written, amazing stories. Take care and all the best! Happy New Year!

Always Your Fan,
qq _
4/15/2013 c4 Elsa
I loved all your Zercan stories & I was just wondering when are you gonna update Parisa's story, I'm loving it so far please continue it soon.
10/10/2012 c4 EtherealBlue
Oh, now I'm curious! Those 2 have a lot to learn...especially concerning relationships & emotions. Interesting to follow.
4/5/2012 c1 Hannah
Let me just say that I absolutely love! love ! love! your stories! Y'all are amazing writers with stories I only dream about creating. And you always have the most wonderful names for your characters! Damien, Xanti, Sariphan, Turean, and Parisa? Pure brilliance I say so myself. I am incredibly jealous of your style and the names. I myself have trouble deciding names, but it seems y'alls brains just spout it off. toats a fan for years to come, I would read an yaoi of yours! Lemony gooddness and all (yes I am a lemon perv!). keep writing you are my intellectual mate!
7/23/2011 c4 amayaShadow
I really hope there is an update soon... Pretty please!
12/31/2010 c4 DNAstar
kool i like your stories is there more to the story? or is this the last chapter? anyway kool story now ill got read the next one XD
9/12/2010 c4 Red
Hope to get to read more of this story, I really love the whole universe you've created :D
9/12/2010 c4 Jadwiga
I really like the idea of the Zercan race - 'cat-people' with a lovely addition of mpreg. Parisa is an interesting character and I feel sorry for him in a way - after all he is only living the life he has known since a child!

Nolkeir is also a great character and Parisa is a good match for him! Parisa becoming pregnant promises some fasinating times ahead!

I don't know if you do intend on continuing 'You Don't Deserve Me', but I hope you do find the time and inspiration, as so far it has been great. Thank you for sharing the story.
7/18/2010 c4 3xxxloveisforeverxxx
This is my favorite story. :) Are you gonna update soon? Its been a whole year and then some...
5/30/2010 c4 Lil'minx
Love this story please update soon I want to see what happens!
1/24/2010 c4 acid rain
update! this is officaly my favorite zercan story!
1/13/2010 c4 4Forgotten Raven Goddess
Hmm.. I'm not sure if I like Parisa or not but the story is very good so far. Keep up the good work.
11/11/2009 c4 1Saharaa
i really want to say that im in love with the zercan series. u created a beautiful world and lively charcters...i like the idea of male being able to carry babies/kitten lol and what more i like the idea of mates and finding the other half of ur soul even more insure fidelity lol...but i have very small note u made opposite sex frowned about ...but yeah we can't ask for a perfect world lol
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