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for Hare Ribbin'

2/10/2007 c1 ShOpAhOlIc
I thought this was a great piece of writing and made me look at cartoons in a whole new light. I love it when a piece of writing gets me thinking so thank you and well done on this excellent piece of work.
2/9/2007 c1 2Moonhowler0-0
I agree with you. We should definitely preserve these cartoons. It is the parents', not the government's, job to control what their children are watching. I myself would let my children watch these cartoon however. Of course, I would also explain to my children that they are just cartoons and are not real and do not represent real life in any way, as parents should do. I believe that censorship is just a load of hooey because, as I said, the parents and not the government should decide what is suitable for their children. I would want my children to know what is out in the real world and not find out the wrong way. My sister, who is almost 12, watches Law and Order:SVU even though that is found to be a bit too mature for her. Now she knows that sickos like that are out there and she needs to watch out for herself.

I shall stop ranting. Good essay.
2/8/2007 c1 Sir Scott
The old cartoons are art and they represent American mythology. A lot of Bugs Bunny's antics are based on Tricksters of old world mythologies, such as Norse's Loki and Native American's Coyote and Raven. If people keep censoring stuff pretty soon we will be living in a world like Ray Bradbury described in Fahrenheit 451. So I have to agree with you that they should be preserved. Good job on this essay.


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