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12/3/2019 c16 71AlysonSerenaStone
Great start! I really do wish you had come back and finished this. :)
5/25/2010 c1 eiyuang999
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1/27/2010 c16 2On The Tip Of My Tongue
I like Taschi. :) He's a fun character.

& I love how personal your writing style is. :)
3/22/2009 c16 7KuroKage1717
Lol, this just gets crazier with each chapter. Totally entertaining, though. I think my favorite character is Kilik, besides Taschi. Riin's pretty neat, too. Lol, I actually like all your characters, except for Veronika, I think. Awesome story - I enjoyed reading every word of it!
3/22/2009 c5 KuroKage1717
Lolo, I love your writing style! It's totally different than anything I've ever read, and in my opinion, it's what makes this story. I've laughed through each chapter, - even through the one with the creepy owner of the money from Taschi's boot. XD Great stuff!
12/6/2008 c1 THE BNZ
Interesting name. Taschi. I kind of like that. It has a ring to it...

I enjoyed this story very much. It was very amusing. Taschi's comments on everything are very witty, I think.

I shall continue to read this!
9/8/2008 c2 9InSilverShadows
Yeesh, thanks so much for your review! *giggles and covers mouth in embarrasment* I love your writing so it's a huge honor to get one from you, and a good one too! Hopefully since I'm back in school Ira will get moving again soon, and sorry it took me so long!

I can't believe it! I'm like, starstruck! *u*
7/18/2008 c1 19postcards from italy
This story is really interesting, I like the way you write... its very unique and enjoyable to read. I'll keep reading =]
4/25/2008 c14 9InSilverShadows
One thing that I think with you is that on your profile page, you have so many disclaimers about your thoughts and your feelings, that it dilutes your writing. You should never have to apologize for your creativity and your point of view. If you have to portray it in sex drugs and violence, who cares? Characters will always be characters and the best characters are irreparably flawed in one way or another. You shouldn't feel responsible for the way your characters act, because their behavior is an important facet of them that makes them feel human to the reader. So Taschi swears. So such-and-such is gay. Who cares? If people give you angry words for what they're doing, chances are if you look at their writing, it will feel thin, and well-mannered and polite, instead of gritty, hard-hitting, fierce, and realistic. You have a very distinct view of the world and the dramatics of your characters bring that gritty, harsh reality to life, and make it feel real. Slap a warning for the themes in the top, and leave it be. Don't ever feel like you have to apologize for good writing.
4/23/2008 c16 Dellarose
Whoa whoa whoa. Very intensely interesting ending. I have to say-


-that I'm very intrigued by this Caine. And high school! Oh I so want to see Tasch in high school! Angst and humiliation rule!

So I love you. Completely. And Taschi and how he alphabetizes the cereal boxes. And…oh goodness, I just really love this story so much and EHMIGOD it seems as if it’s taking another drastic turn and I’m excited! Update quickly, my pet, and there will not be della-related bloodshed. ^_^
4/21/2008 c16 InSilverShadows
Taschi reminds me a little of Ishmael, the young narrarator of Moby Dick. I'm not sure if you've read it, but even though Ishmael's the narrarator, he's very human and realistic, and the voice of the story is his and not the writer's. He serves as the avatar of the story without feeling like just an abstract 'I'. You do a good job with him. :)
4/15/2008 c16 9Aleksy The Flying Onion
ZOMG...*head explodes*

SO many things to comment on. Well, first off...YAY! You're back! You have been sorely missed, but I'm sure you could have guessed that. I felt bad when I read Della's ode too. We should send her many cookies. :D

"Excuse me while I leave." Could he be anymore of a queen? Damn, I love Riin. He reminds me of one of my gay-fairy-queen-bitchplease friends. :D

WHO IS THIS CAINE? I kind of got this weird vibe that he and Tasci will be loverz, but that might just be wishful thinking on my part. hohoho

Well, from a technical standpoint this chappy was great. Humor was, of course, amazingly awesome. JUST DON"T LEAVE AGAIN!#$@!
4/15/2008 c16 spoonring
gosh. i cant belive it. your handy with the cliffhangers, eh?

so, cain...will there be taschi/ cain action. ? lol!

no pressure - no pressure...

DARN. no tash/cy? well, at least i know that someone else hoped for taschi/cyrill action tho, hehe. twisted minds think alike.

is school life going to be a big part in the story?
4/5/2008 c13 spoonring
i stumbled on to this just out of boredom. i love it when that happens, you find something you really like when you least expect it.

this is turning to one of those stories where you cant wait to read the next update.

its good. and i have lots of questions.

i think maybe you got a little side tracked in this chapter, werent we supposed to meet the master of the city? and werent they supposed to be all worried about the day light vamp and tell the master about her?

gay/ straight elements are good, they dont scare me off.

taschi seems to like girls, but he actually kinda seems asexual.

and to me there seems like theres a little attraction tension between him and cyrill?

if your planning this to be a slash fic, thats cool...between cyrill and taschi thatd be uber cool.

but for now tashi deffintly seems asexual.

whats cyrill, he seems to be the most stand out character besides taschi? what kind of creature is he, will we find out?

whered he loose his eyes?

and kilik, seems odd, is he a creature too or psychic?

will we get to meet valantra? did she take cyrills eyes?heehe.

veronica i bet is going to be causing some serious trouble in the futre, shes a good character, you shouldnt throw her away.

eves a really good character, shes mothery to taschi, his hormones just get in the way of seeing that...silly hormones.

rinn and horus are fabulous. taschi finally has friends. does he realize that.

will horus ultimatly kick cyrills ass in the end? seemed like it would lead to that from the club incident.

booze and taschi dont mix well. no -no -no.

is there a little going into the future thing going on, i didnt understand the graffit part. didnt tash already see that on the city guide? so how then did he see the kid spray painting it?

tashs seeing ghost adds so much to his cahracter...seems like an even more tormented kid. sad...dont turn him into some sad emo kid. boo.

so, tacshi had to pay a debt off to cyrill... what if tash just burns the boots? kind of seems like the boots are connected to cyrill.

is eve a creature too?

will we find more about the note in the boots.?

will veronica get her ass kicked for stealing from tash.?

will we find out who wrote the note?

will tashs father come haunt him as a ghost?

are the cops looking for tash?

will tash ever go see him mum?

tash killin his dad and dumping him to the crocs was uber cool.-so southern serial killer...

so, tash is mixed. does tash have african american skin color and hair?

and, tash has to pay the debt off by fighting.

like UFC! thatd be awesome! huge fan of UFC! or like good ol street fighting like back in the day?.. but, tash fighting?, that just seems out of character of him to me...tash aint a fighter, hes more like a fighter when he has to be, when he had to protect! he should go all super hero and save the city and knock down that wall seperating the poor from the rich and be like king of the city or somthin...


tash should work as a graffiti artist and melt cyrills cold heart and they find his eyes together and get married! wah la! the end.

well any ways, that was alot of crazy rambling.

hope for an update really SOON.
4/5/2008 c15 spoonring
really, im blown away. i really really like your story.

hoping for more.
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