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for Six Weeks With Satan

7/7/2012 c13 5dream-beautiful
The flashback was a little random. Will's actions and all seemed pretty unrealistic, like what kind of kids actually spend their time in Germany to go spit on peoples' graves just cause they're racist? And I'm confused, Irmgard was Alfons' sweetheart, and Karl married her?
7/7/2012 c12 dream-beautiful
The scene with Lotte's family was a little awkward, idk just imagining being Eden or Bryce there...lol. Her opa was too cute, my grandma used to say the same thing about learning English. I think you're a bit confused with the Gorbachev thing, or maybe I am, was he not a good guy? Haha.
7/7/2012 c9 dream-beautiful
The boner was just too perfect XD And refreshingly realistic, as most writers tend to forget teenagers are young and horny and those kinds of things happen all the time! Cute chapter!
7/6/2012 c5 dream-beautiful
Its super cool that Lotte's not a little innocent prude. There are just too many stories on here about dainty little virgins and slut shaming. Its refreshing.
7/6/2012 c4 dream-beautiful
I think all the music is interesting and different.
7/3/2012 c14 1N-K-W
Holy shit.
7/3/2012 c12 N-K-W
XD I love her family, and that last scene, PRICELESS!
7/3/2012 c10 N-K-W
BWAHAHAHA, Grasshoppers XD
7/3/2012 c7 N-K-W
7/3/2012 c2 N-K-W
I'm honestly a tad in love with this whole concept.
6/27/2012 c21 9XiaoChuChu
I read this one a few months ago and remembered I forgot to review it. It was a good, cute story. I liked the "you're the only one who can make that poor boy miserable"-part xD (I don't remember all the details, sorry, but I remember the story. I liked it very much :) )
6/26/2012 c4 1TheKiralee
I know this will sound horrible but I only read this because I love the name Kurt. A bit of that love is because of Kurt Cobain, but mostly because I love any name with a 'k' or 'z' in it xD I am the biggest Nirvana fan you'll ever meet though (random and pointless info). I'm also the biggest Harry Potter fan. Gosh I love pointless info. XD
6/26/2012 c2 TheKiralee
Hahaha I feel so proud that I can actually understand the German. Living in Germany for 2 years has paid off! xD Jks, but yeah. Yay!
6/25/2012 c20 D. M. Gotmen
I la-la-la-la-loved it! *squeal* Aww. My absolute favorite so far! *squeal* lol
6/6/2012 c20 The Quotidian Life
What an awesome story! I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to the end! I'd like to say that your writing skills are very good which is seen through your construction of SWWS. I hope no one intends on using your material without your knowledge.

This is just my opinion but I do think that it is a bit odd to give out all your personal details (eg. hotel, and hotel room) to a stranger you've just met and know nothing about - but that is just my opinion...maybe Lotte has something completely different to say about that matter!

Thanks for letting us into your work and capturing the love between Lotte and Kurt, even though they started out hating each other.


The Quotidian Life
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