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for Six Weeks With Satan

1/16/2011 c6 28Robin Leigh
Ohmygod I love, love, LOVE your story! Kurt's starting to show, though. KurtxLotte all the way! :)
1/15/2011 c1 Robin Leigh
I love it!
12/4/2010 c20 Breathless Knight
12/3/2010 c3 queribus
Lol i get annoyed when everyone starts hurrying out of the plane ... I mean you're gonna have to wait for the luggage anyways ;)

Cheers for the German btw, nd gatsby is great XD

I'm just a little disappointed in your choice of cities...but nevermind that, because i like your writing :)
11/19/2010 c20 SometimesG
You might have written this story years ago but it's a very interesting and funny and romantic story. I love that the change has been gradual between the two characters and they are rediscovering about each other now so it was not too cliche a romance kind of story.

Thank for giving us a glimpse of the European countries, and the joy of singing and learning about interesting places and people.

One of my favorites!
11/15/2010 c20 5rosanna54321
oh my lord. yay this chappie made me cry
10/21/2010 c20 1AnnabelLloyd97
1. I loved everything about this story so much: the plot, the characters, the fact that you made Lotte German which made it a bit different.

2. I honestly cannot think of anything that could be improved.

3. I don't have a favourite character but some of the things that: Kurt, Lotte, Bryce and Jane came out with just cracked me up.

4. I'm not even going to answer that.

Anyway I absolutely loved this story and I don't know what I'm going to do now it's over.
10/18/2010 c20 1KarmaC
Absolutely awesome! I totally fell in love with the whole premise of the story (I wish my choir could go on a six week epic vacation all over Europe with little to no adult supervision...harrumph) and loved the love-hate relationship between Lotte and Kurt! Great job!
10/16/2010 c2 10Badger In Disguise
("Poor Brian," I said. "Carey's such a homophobic jock. He'll be bashing him the entire time.

Interesting fact: Homophobic young males may have secret gay urges themselves. Research supports it. (They basically show them p or n [
9/27/2010 c20 dipintheriverstyx

8/27/2010 c20 xPao17
i loved this story!

the characters were great. it was super funny! and it was adorable :D lol

i loved all of the historical references you made and the fact that you used different languages was really interesting.

overall, i really liked it. (:
8/18/2010 c20 AndItMovesUsAll
This was a really cute teen read and i like the fact that it had many different settings, it made it all the more interesting. I think what i liked best about it was the banter between Kurt and Lotte and the interaction between them, it really showed the depth of their relationship. I think Kurt and Lotte were my favourites as well because of Kurts general intelligence (eg all of the literature quotes, even if i didnt understand them) coupled with his cheeky boyishness and Lotte just because of her family and culture which was facinating. Plus i loved that there was so much German in this, i was pleasantly suprised to find that i could recognise quite a few of the words, i learnt german for 5 years when i was in school and though they teach absolutely nothing useful in language lessons in Engalnd, i could get the gist of it, so that made me very happy! :D

Erm i dont really have a least favourite character, accpet that Eden seemed a little unreal to me, though the idea of her is nice, ive never met anyone my age who quotes the bible frequently. I also thought that Will Buckley was quite an extreme character as well, i mean, i know people that rascist exist but i would have thought that realistically that kind of behaviour would have been stopped on a school trip.It just seemed quite extreme.

As far as a published book goes though i dont think having the language in there works. Obviously on sites like this its fine and thats whats so great about them, that you dont necessarliy have to stick to literacy norms, but because you included such long paragraphs of german and then had to translate it mid text it seemed a bit pointless and i imagine for people who dont speak it, tiresome.
8/15/2010 c5 Gracelin
So, it's almost 5am, and your story has kept me up, because that's just how good it is. I can't stop reading! Lotte is easy to relate to, but I'm dying for Kurt to do something. I stopped here to review because I really enjoyed the never have I ever game scene and descriptions. Loved it!
8/10/2010 c20 5nicolerools
what i liked best about the story was uncle freidrick.

my favorite character was uncle freidrick (the older brother of lottes father), cause he's just such a sweetie when her family was picking on her, and i love his whole demeaner, the not raising his voice thing, the power, the kindness, my favorite character. though i wish there was more of him in the story, i understand putting him in more would've over done it. though the parts he was in were amazing :0 he was pretty well developed

least fav- will, of course, he's just a asshole, and he was also something in my opinion you could improve. it seemed like he was just randomly put in there whenever your plot would fit it... maybe a bit more background on him or something like "as bad as kurt _ was, nothing could compare to the level of assholeness that is will _"

i know you already wrote some about will through the conversations of the characters. it just didnt elaborate enough, making him a under developed character.

pretty good fic

and only if you conned me into giving you a hug would i press my body against yours
8/3/2010 c20 cheesecake15
really enjoyed reading you story! tehehe, i love romance way too much!
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