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for Six Weeks With Satan

6/16/2010 c20 Lemoncheesekake
Amazingly romantic story. Ever since I've read Kurt's confession of love on Eiffel Tower, I've been wishing for the same thing...xD Love you Kurt...
6/9/2010 c1 1Ashabagawa
I really like this already! I love the way you've slipped the German it; it's really different to anything I've read before. Keep up the good work, you're a really good writer! I'm looking forward to reading the rest - Ashabagawa
6/7/2010 c20 Gennybee
This story is ABSOLUTELY sweet!

It truly makes me want to go on a tour to Europe with the String Ensemble I am in. xD

Too bad there are no guys and enemies ):

Hahahaah Kurt and Lotte make an awesome couple!

I love the last scene (:

Great job and I love some of the quotes!
6/7/2010 c20 fariswheel
I liked the traveling and the German family/grief thing. I'm German myself(only partially) but it's nice to read about the war and know what happened.

No need for improvement.

I liked Lotte (naturlich) but I didn't like Andreas, because he made Kurt depressed. They were toll.

The last one is just creepy.
6/7/2010 c20 4iceflakes
great job. this was absolutely brilliant. I couldn't stop reading it. I read it till I fell asleep of fatigue everyday! :D

great, really. (:

6/4/2010 c20 sarcasm is my middle name
officially my fave story on this whole website! Love, love, love!

great idea, nice plot, characters, yada yada yada... :)
6/3/2010 c20 Chocorange888
I can't believe that I didn't find this story until today! I really enjoyed reading it, it's absolutely adorable and I really liked the bits of German which you put in. Thank you.
6/3/2010 c20 1unwitten
Oh, I can't believe I just finished it! Although it took me one week (due to before-school preparations) to read through the whole story, I'd have to say that the ending (for me) was just wonderful. Though, I'm not really a fan of very cheesy moments, I loved the way Kurt finally confessed his feelings for Lotte. Seriously, I did not expect him to confess at the Eiffel Tower for the whole world to hear; Kurt just seemed too...shy when it comes to his feelings for Lotte. But don't get me wrong: I loved it! The Trevi Fountain scene - like the one at the Eiffel Tower - made me giggle like an idiot! I turned into mush at the last three chapters, damn it!

Rambling over, I'm going to give you some feedback now...yes?

1. What did you like the best about this story? Why?

I love the humor, definitely! (But who doesn't like a good chuckle?) With funny characters *cough*Bryce!*cough* and awkward situations - like Lotte and Kurt's date and 'incident' at Madrid - you made me laugh at the screen and get weird looks from my relatives. I personally think Romance stories fall flat with too much seriousness and not a hint of humor, luckily your story has something to laugh about at every chapter.

Aside from the humor, I liked how, through Lotte's eyes, you gave me a glimpse of being German - I even learned some of the language from this story. It's just fascinating to read about how people from different cultures view things and have their own traditions. Lotte's family is quite nice, and totally fun to read about. The person I like best from her family would be Onkel Friedrich - I don't know why, but I liked his character better than Lotte's mother, Tante Elsa and Opa Karl - whom I all find very amusing.

I liked the Romance, itself. The development of Kurt and Lotte's relationship in their six weeks on tour was funny, awkward and sweet. Kurt being in love with Lotte for eleven years is quite touching. I'm quite impressed that a guy (fictional or non-fictional) could ever love a girl that long (considering that he was a kid when he first met her up to his teen years). Their chemistry was so obvious, too, that I can't believe Lotte could be that dense! But I love her obliviousness, though.

One last thing I loved about this story is it's eccentric characters: you have a very sweet and nice girl like Eden, a rebel who pulls off a lot of funny stuff like Jane, a big, hilarious softy like Bryce, a witty and awesome main character like Lotte, a shy but charming guy like Kurt, an embarrassing but nice mother-figure like Lotte's Mom and other cool characters! They're just so cool and unforgettable.

2. What do you think could use improvement?

Is it just me or did Lotte kind of fall for Kurt too fast? But I can understand why you made it that way so they'll get together before the tour ends. I'm just saying, though.

3. Which characters were your favorite and least favorite? Did you feel that they were developed enough?

My favorite(s) would be Jane and Bryce. Lotte and Kurt are my favorites, too. And don't worry: I think they're very well-developed.

I don't actually have a least favorite. Sorry. xP

I think everyone's quite developed, but you could have put some more depth on Brigid and Elliot.

4. If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

Er - erm...oh look: I-ah, um... a pony?

I wouldn't hold it against you, but I would feel very, very awkward.

By the way, I'm so psyched to find out that Kurt and I have the same birthday (mine's August 10, too!) ;D Thanks for the very lovely read!

6/1/2010 c2 6Mockin' Bird
The part where he turned the volume of the music high got me laughing like a mad person. You see, I've always wanted to play pranks like this on people, but never had the guts. I guess I'll need a transplant now. Haha, do you get it? That was lame right?
6/1/2010 c4 sarcasm is my middle name
Hey, i love this tory so much! Awesome idea, love the cliche. One of my best friends is called Lotte (she's red-headed and Dutch). I love the Zephyr Song, oh and btw German is my best subject too... :)
5/24/2010 c20 enchantedx
I love the whole love/hate relationship between Kurt and Lotte
5/11/2010 c20 charm en route
Oh. My. God. I cannot really believe the amount of love I have for this story. I loved the characters, the plot, the events, and the places that they went. (I've been to Italy and this reminded me of it. :D )

The scene where they confessed their love for each other seriously almost made me cry, and I was smiling like an idiot for these past two chapters. Seriously, this story is amazing. Thank you.

5/4/2010 c1 2obijuankenobi
So, I absolutely love this story to no end. I am actually going to be doing the same thing, almost. Except, well, the whole going on a six week trip with the guy you hate and then fall in love with in the end. But still, I'm hopeful. :)
5/2/2010 c20 happy-drizzle
god, it was so so beautiful. You should get this published!I'd definetly buy it! *sigh*
4/27/2010 c20 chocoholic dreamer
i finally finished reading it! yey! LOL.

love yer story. my favorite part was when Kurt confesses his feeling. so cool :D
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