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2/18/2009 c20 10Sabreal
So, finally after a three hour break, I'm back to read the final installment of this story.


“Just do not get Lotte schwanger (pregnant), ja?”

“Is that an STD or something?” Kurt muttered.

I snorted. “Not exactly.”


Again, hilarious. I found myself, more often than not, not giggling at the actual jokes (though i did aplenty of that too!)but at the actual cheesiness of the chapter. There's no other word for it. But I also happen to like this type of cheese A LOT, so you can't find me complaining:):):)


I loved the characters and the plot of self-discovery. I'm not the type of person who always roots for the side-kick or best friend. I follow the main characters to death all the way :) Though, the sub characters of course added their own natural charm (Bryce was my favorite from the gang)

I enjoyed this a lot. I was feeling a bit down (don't worry, I'm not depressed) but this cheered me right back up again and now i'm going to have some wide, dopey grin when i go to bed and offically freak my 'rents out.

I'm heading to your prof now, to see any other awesomeness but till then...


Oh- and this is SO going on my favs and staying there till the world ends...or that's my plan, at least. hehehehehe. and for last measure- he.
2/18/2009 c19 Sabreal

I can't believe Kurt just announced his love for her on a AMPLIFIER...On the first landing of The Eiffel Tower nonetheless! Christ, how more romantic can you get? Well, after you get past the whole shouty, hollering kinda thing...

Now, Lotte doesn't have to go through the whole "scenarios" she was planning...

Oh my god. That was SO romantic. Nothing can beat that. Something EXTRAORDIARY can only top that...aw man, now I can never look at guys again without wondering why they don't have a romantic bone in their body...and why the hell they can't be more like KURT...Gr.
2/18/2009 c18 Sabreal
“I kept inviting him over, but he always came up with these completely bogus excuses, like he had to go erg or something. When he said that he had to go rake leaves, I knew that something was up, since the leaves hadn’t even started to change colors yet.”


Hans quote was seriously hilarious. Out of all the imaginative, hair-brained, believable excuses in the world, Kurt had to go for "Raking leaves!" If it had been possible, I would have done that in italics, to relay my disbelief and jaw dropping, unable to breath, laughter going on in front of the computer.

Good thing I'm not in a library:)
2/18/2009 c15 Sabreal
and even kissed once full on the lips by Helga Baumann’s twenty year-old grand-nephew, Timo (which was incredibly awkward, to say the least). Apparently, my aria had “really moved him.” I personally thought he was just trying to get laid.


I was chortling pretty wildly at that. At first, I was like, "Ew! Gross!" but then Lotte's humor came through and I JUST had to laugh. Wow, I've been reading this story for 5 hours straight. That HAS to be a compliment towards your writing!
2/18/2009 c14 Sabreal
I was grinning away really sillily (not a word, but hey) about the part where she pulls at his boxers or whatever and lets it riochet back to his stomach! Honest to god, there I thought she was going to do something leaning towards a sex mojo but no...she does it for humor! Way to go Lotte!:):):)

I also keep giggling at the parts when the girls are squealing or whatever and this random sophomore, every time, keeps popping up and giving them "crazy" looks...that was funny, man.

I love the subtle hints of humor! This stry is a possible contention to add to my favs!
2/17/2009 c20 Alyssa
I just love this story :)
2/15/2009 c20 gracephine
deffinately the BEST story i have read in a long time. so beautiful and romantic. i loved the whole music angle you took on it too because i myself am a singer and music lover so i really agree with the music choices you made!

big love and big hugs

2/14/2009 c2 Monica
and i really like how you put in german language and the translations. its something i havent seen before in a story.
2/14/2009 c1 Monica
hey, i dint usually review the stories that i read but this one is extremely good! seriously! i love it when guys act all obnoxious when talking with the girl they like but the girl gets like annoyed with them! its really good!
2/11/2009 c19 4lulu.lemon
Here's my second part :)

And I loved Bryce and his funny and friendly personality, and Matt was so sweet and Adam seemed like a good friend to Kurt. And Lukus and his hormones were just funny. And Kurt...do I even need to explain..he was just great! So all in all, I love this story so much, you're a really good writer and this was such a great story! :)
2/11/2009 c20 lulu.lemon
I had to put this in two reviews because it was too long :) So first off,Oh my God I don't even know where to begin with this story. I just spent the last two days doing nothing but reading this and I am absoloutely in lovve with it. It is my new favorite fiction press story EVER! I'm actually going into depression right now that it's over. I think my favorite thing about the story was that they were on different foreign locations all the time away from parents and school and all of that stuff. It made everything so much better.I honestly can't even think of anything that could use improvement, it was all great. Favorite carachters..hm I actually liked all of them for different reasons. I just loved Lotte all together, she just had a great personality/German thing going. I loved how Eden was so sweet and to herself at times, and Jane and her crazy side.
2/7/2009 c20 4FrostFire15
1: I loved the characters and their relationships with eachother. All of the characters seemed so real and so... LIVING. They seemed like real people that I could come up to and talk with. I also enjoyed your (Lotte's) thoughts. they were very amusing to read.

2: Your descriptions of somethings could use some work... Especially of Lotte's physical appearance.

3: I loved all of your characters, but the few that suck out for me were Bryce, Lotte, Kurt, and Eden. Lotte for her personality and development, Kurt for the same, Bryce for his... Just plain adorableness and Eden for her character and Christian Faith. Not so much that I'm Christian, but that a character like her is so rare.

My least favorite character was Will Buckley. I didn't like him because I felt he was the least-developed character. The only true emotion we (as readers) ever felt from him was malice to Lotte because of her race... I feel that there could've been more to him that would've made the story more interesting.

4. Of couse not ;)

Nice story and good luck on all of your future ones.

2/3/2009 c20 Punk-Rock-Perfect
I really don't know quite what to say. This is an amazing story, and I was hooked from start to finish.

What I liked the best about this story, I would say, is that the love story wasn't quite as cliche as I expected. It still was, of course, but the feelings Lotte had towards Kurt even after she found out he was attracted to her seemed realistic to me.

I also love how the trip seemed so realistic.

I honestly think the story is great the way it is so no complaints from me.

My favourite characters were definitely Lotte, Jane, Eden, Kurt and - my personal favourite - Bryce. He reminds me of a lot of my best guy friend, and I had to grin every time he said something silly in that way.

Uh...least favourite, I'm not really sure. I'd say Matt - he was a little too soft for my liking - but he was decent anyway. Andreas too, because he seemed so very perfect. Oh and Will too! Jerk.

Anyways, amazing story and it's definitely going in my favourites :D
1/31/2009 c20 Pretty In BLOO
i find this story humrly odd. [if there is a word like that] cos' everything i read inside it comes into my mind, like for example, the italian man, lol, i just finished watching ' The Italian Man Who Went To Malta' and it was a funny coincidence since the one i was watching was funny, second , whenever i see Kurt's name, David Archuleta comes into my mind. lol, i'm currently addicted to his A Little Not Too Over You song, lol, and then my name is in this story but the character is the opposite of me[ lol, i know there are many janes in the world but still :).] lol, but this is so cute! so yea, best wishes. :)

1/31/2009 c4 Pretty In BLOO
well i think last last chapter was weird for me. lol, because my name is Jane and April. so it's kinda .. i duno. bothering. lol, because i'm totally a love bug while Jane wasn't and i'm not a party animal while April was. lol. anyways, it's still good. :)
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