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4/1/2007 c4 humangus
Aw! She thinks this Matt kid has it bad for Eden-she can't even see how bad Kurt has it for her. Excellent job on this chapter. Update soon!

4/1/2007 c4 pHoToFrEaK
love this sotyr post more soon!
3/31/2007 c4 5S. N. Sedivec
So I offically love the title of this chapter. Hm... you mentioned that Kurt sang, I would suggest some sort of reaction from Lotte about his voice. Begrudging or whatnot, lack of comment kind of surprised me. Anyway, keep writing.
3/30/2007 c3 2CarlyJo
Love the story. I love the whole hate to love cliche. I love cliches in general. Awesome chapter. Kurt is awesome and so is Lotte. I love the song this chapter was named after. Update Soon!
3/15/2007 c1 AikenisFein
I love the story so far. Update soon!
3/12/2007 c3 blackrose4ever
i love it! Lotte is an awesome character...plz update soon :D
3/12/2007 c3 5S. N. Sedivec
I liked this story. It is so obvious that he really does care for her. Too bad for her. Anyway, keep writing, I'll try and post a more helpful review when I find the time.
3/10/2007 c1 1hurlingham 18
Firstly, I adore the name Lotte. I just had to say that, I kind of have a fetish for names.

I'm not weird, I swear.

Moving on, of all the stories I've read on this site (and Lord, I've read quite a few) this seems to be one of the more promising ones. It is evident that you are a decently serious writer and that you do, in fact, possess talent at it, which is more then I can say about a lot of people on fp. Your characters are likeable and the reader can relate to them and they seem like they could be actual people. Perhaps it is slightly cliched the brothers friend (though at least it's not /best/ friend)/arch nemises, but that's okay. We all secretly love cliches :D Update soon, will you? I can't wait to read more :)
3/10/2007 c3 3violin-lady13
sigh, i love music stories. keep it up! :-) the one thing i have to comment on is that you never mentioned what part the girls sing, just the boys, unless i missed it. being a chorus person myself, i'd really like to know...although i know that it's completely unrelated to anything else that's been going on up until this point...great job, hope to see more soon!
3/9/2007 c3 84DemonicDestiny
I feel sorry for Lotte. Her summer's gonna be Hell. Haha. Well, she's got wicked awsome friends, so it's all cool. Update soon.
3/9/2007 c3 24DancingChaChaFruit
Okay, this is going to sound lame, but I personally LOVE they Hey Arnold reference you put in there. It made me laugh. A lot. I mean, I'm not particularly obsessed with the show or anything, but it just... I don't know. It was funny.

Moving along. If there's one thing I completely love about this story, it's that it's so... real. I guess I've just read one too many stories where the character defies "normal" and hates pink and is just so different from our idea of the average teenager. But this avoids all that. Lotte's just, well, "normal," if you get my drift. It's so completely refreshing.

Oh, and I also LOVED the singing in the shower bit, mainly because it reminded me so much of myself. When I'm in the shower, I really just belt it out. But at least Lotte's in the choir... I mean, there's a reason I'm in band not chorus. I don't think my voice is awful or anything, but it's certainly not going to win any awards.

Kurt kind of is a jerk, though. I mean, pushing her into the lake? That was just cruel. But seriously, who wears a red bra with a white shirt? No offense to Lotte (or you, if you do the same thing) or anything, but still. Besides, wouldn't the red show through anyway, whether it's wet or not? Because that's what totally happens to me anytime I try to wear a white shirt.

I really like Eden, and the whole thing with her and Matt. It just creeps me out, though, because my brother's name is Matt. I'll get over it, of course, but it's going to take some adjusting.

Lol, Kurt goes through more mood swings than a girl during PMS. Seriously. One minute he's pushing Lotte into a lake, and the next he's concerned. He's annoying at the party, but then very protective of Brigid. Don't get me wrong though; he's cute. I like him. He's got depth, which is always good. Sometimes in this ever-popular cliche, the guy never really gets totally developed since all that the protagonist ever focuses on is how much she hates him.

Okay, so I think that's long enough for now. Heh. I write THE longest reviews... and I don't even mean to. But I'll stop now. Until the next! =)
3/9/2007 c3 23Crymson Tears
Hey! I'm German by descent, but I can't study the language yet because my school is retarded and only teaches us French. Eventually I WILL learn it...eventually. this sounds eerily familiar to my own life; I'm German, as are my parents, there's a guy who's an ass to me at school, and I havea Taiwanese friend...her name, get this is Angel Chang. she's exactly how you described jane. Awesome story, I read 'I still believe' but I was under a different name; Elspeth Setzer.
3/9/2007 c3 dorydafish
you updated so fast...

how do you get the time?

i think...i think i may have made up with my friend after 3 months, it seems very weird, he emailed me back yesterday after we had this really long convo...all seems surreal...

IM N LOVE WITH KURT AND KYLE! which one to choose...both so hot!

sexual tension? im rubbish at it, i just write what comes into my head at the time...LOL!

and your story is way better than mine, coz its so funny and cool!

i love how kurt and lotte looked after Brigid, aw they are just so cute.

update soon!


3/8/2007 c3 3I Quoth Nevermore
Great Job. Here are my comments as I read:


2. Oh! Is Elliot going to be Kurt's competition?

3. I thought Jane wasn't as romantic as Lotte or Eden, so why does she flip out when Matt gets her number?

4. Oh my gosh! Pulling a Helga! YOU'RE AWESOME!

5. I love the random mustache man. haha.

6. Oh my gosh! Cute is so mean! He just pushed her in! I would call him something nasty, but I can't think of anything mean. OH well.

7. Oh my gosh! She was wearing a white shirt and red bra...who does that? Even if I knew I wasn't going to get wet I still wouln't wear that.

8. Oh my gosh! I say Oh my gosh! too much. haha.

9. I hear The Little Mermaid!

10. What? NOW Kurt decides to stick up for her when someone calls her a Kraut? He can't make up his mind. To be mean or not to be, that is the questioin. Well you know what Kurt? I'd really like it if you picked one side! haha. jk.

11. Wow. Kurt knows first aid. Pretty sweet.

Okay, now that I've said all that: YAY FOR LONG POSTS! And please update as soon as you come back to the country!
3/8/2007 c2 3shuushuu
Aww the taking the picture scene was so funny...

and i still love kurt...hes just so cool...even if he does annoy Lotte...

Wow...you must get As in german all the time coz its really good. i just dont get languages i lerant french five years and i still cant hold a simple conversation. LOL!

Kurt has hidden feelings...i just know it...or i want to know it...

my story has been updated finally..LOL!

but this story is way cooler!


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