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for Six Weeks With Satan

11/4/2012 c1 8castiel89
Hey hey!

It's Amy from A Drop of Romeo! Since our move to blogspot, we've been slowly readding all the previous stories from webs with new reviews! So, here ya go!

There's something incredibly romantic about Europe. Whether it's the beautiful cities where love can blossom or the allure of foreign men with accents that turn girls into puddles of goo, it's definitely something. And who doesn't wish for a summer romance abroad?

Lotte Leisch has hated Kurt Matthews since they first met. From telling her her lunch smells funny (although, sauerkraut does seem to have a funky smell), pulling her pigtails, to just being a downright pest, Lotte's endured it all. Even with the son of Satan (who's more annoying and enjoys picking on her than actually detesting her) on the same trip, she'd not going to let him bring her down from the high of a trip of a lifetime. As it turns out, the trip may be a good thing for the two. A new continent can mean a new start for whatever relationship the two have. Although things between the two get better as time ticks on, it seems like for every two steps forward, they take a step back. Their friends are able to track the two's moods and status of the relationship with every stop or outing they make.

woodstock1969 gives this kind of cliché a little twist by setting the entire story in Europe. Since Lotte's 100% German, having emigrated to the United States while in elementary school, German's her native tongue. The author incorporates German dialogue with Lotte and her family, giving it an extra special something while reading. Don't worry about not understanding, though, there are translations in parenthesis right after! And the way she described each city! Omigosh, woodstock1969 gave such thorough descriptions that feel like you're seeing everything with my own eyes. So when you're reading, it's almost like you get to some of Europe's finest without leaving the comfort of home and paying a fortune!

11/2/2012 c11 Kathleen1533
A German word I finally don't need translated! I had to read The Book Thief in school so I know some German now, though mostly profanities...
11/1/2012 c1 pinksocksrule
Ah! Currently in the middle of reading this and its amazing, love how its written and defo loving the tension and dislike in this. Oh my gosh, this is why i love love/hate stories, cause they are always amazing. Defo going on my faves list. Good job!
10/31/2012 c20 Poisonmind
Awesome story! SO MUCH FLUFF! Love it! ... Oh I liked the Lotte and lottery pun (Randomness...I apologize)
10/27/2012 c20 30Seph Meadowes
Okay, so I loved this story so much. And I laughed so hard, giggled, sighed, stood up, shouted and danced. I did it all for this story. That's how good it is/

1, I liked the progression of Lotte and Kurt's relationship. It was at a good pace and it felt realistic.
2. I guess the only improvement I can give you is to have been more descriptive with the other secondary characters. They were great but could've been fleshed out more.
3. I loved Kurt and Lotte. Lotte was such a floozy and Kurt was such a dork and I loved them both. Jane and Bryce were funny as well.
4, I know I have a beautiful body so thank you.
10/23/2012 c20 aanchal
Your fictionpress was FANTASTIC. Its one of my favourites and i told my friends to read it too..i absolutely loved it..!..you should write more ..!
10/22/2012 c3 BBoysAlwaysHtter
LOVED this chapter!I am starting to notice chemistry between them, I LOVE KURT He can be soooo cute when he really wants!
10/22/2012 c20 heal me forever
boy u have no idea how much i DORE nd LOVE dis stry ,...no u dnt coz its one of my ALL time fav ..u have no idea of HOW MANY TIMES I have gone through this stry ...!

i am in LOVE wid him seriously where do we find such guys in real world des days ...its nill to find dem i ...have no words u r amamzing nd kurt is like my all time crush nd love ...dreamy sigh
fangirl :)
10/7/2012 c3 Guest
At the beginning of the chapter you say that only Bryce is from the football team, but later you say that Casey and Will are too.
10/6/2012 c20 Be-U-tiful
Wow amazing story! I'm glad Lotte wasn't in denial after she found out she liked Kurt. That really annoys me in a story haha. I loved all the characters they were wonderful. Well great story once again (:
10/5/2012 c21 missyb1988
I really liked this good story line romantic and funny took forever to get there though but the eiffel tower was just heart melting :)
10/2/2012 c4 lavishlysimple

"Who's there?" we all asked. Well, I sort of grumbled it, but that's beside the point.

"John." He was looking directly at me now.

"John who?" I asked.

"John the Baptist!" he laughed, throwing his water in my face.

-this was really funny..hahahahaha
9/30/2012 c20 glowingstar101
loved it!
9/23/2012 c21 3Forever Siriusly Sirius
I cannot belive people would plagerize! How can you take credit for someboy elses work and not feel guilty? When people call this story amazing and you know they arent complementing you because you didnt even write it thus making all priase invalid? What is the point!
9/23/2012 c20 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Oh my god. *breathe breate* im hyperventilnating, i know ive said i was in hysterica before but this time i couldnt laugh because id run out of oxygen from laughing so hard. This is freaking brilliant. I mean it. I laughed my arse off, i had to bury my face in my pillow so mu sister wouldnt think i was insane i was laughing so hard, is it wring that i found their faux make out so damn amusing?

Thank you for a brillaint story, i adored it. It was truly amazing. Im so glad my friend recomned this to me!
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