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for Six Weeks With Satan

9/23/2012 c16 3Forever Siriusly Sirius
Hahaha im still alive! Honestlythis story is freaking hilarious. I loved it!
I love how cute and sweet and flirty kurts being!

Noooooooooo lotttte no dates with sexy cute hot italian guys! Its kurrrt!
9/23/2012 c15 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Arghhh lotttteee you are supposed tomjump into his arms telll him you love him then rid elff into the simset happily ever after! Why in these situations cAntbthe person whos about to admitbtheir feelings ever speak first?
9/23/2012 c14 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Oh dear god...lotte gets herself in the most awkward situations ever doesnt she? She will one day die of embaraasment i swear.
9/23/2012 c13 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Jeez the parrallels are unbelivable...i just studied cold war and watche dinvasion of the body snatchers in history...lol.

I loved this chapter, i love how Lotte stands uo for herself and her country and everything,

I like thatbshe and kurt finally made up! Yay!

That was so sad about how she felt guilty for the past war crimes of germany, i love that kurt comforted her though, that was sweet.
9/23/2012 c12 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Lottes family is AWESOME! Soooo cutee! I love them!

I was in hysterics...again...one day i am going to colaspse from lack of oxygen becaus ei was laughing so hard...bahahah
9/23/2012 c10 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Oh. My. God.

I was in absolute hysterics. Das ist fantastich! Mein Deutch ist schlect...lol.

I adored the ice cube fight, i nearly died from lack of oxygen when i found outnkurt was eating grasshoppers...oh my god.

And the euphamism? (i cant spell) i was pissing my self. Go eden! Lol
9/23/2012 c9 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Talk about denial...that is absolutly priceless...hahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha hahahhahahahah

9/23/2012 c8 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Oh this was entertaining bahahah

Kurts totally in love with lotte! Thats what he was talking about to he rmum! I love that Kurt is a part of their family, like a second son.

LOL Karma Lotte, karma!
9/23/2012 c16 2GoNe RoGuE
I can tell you two things that I really admire about this story. 1) I know a lot of girls who ditch their best friends even along with their other friends just to spend a lot of time with their boyfriends and it is really aggravating. But with Eden and Lotte, you make sure to have them spend quality time together and talk like best friends should, everyday. 2) I know a lot of stories that either rush into the relationship or do it so awkwardly, but you're doing it magnificently. Little by little Kurt and Lotte have gotten closer and readers aren't left asking, "When did they actually start liking one another?" It was gradual and I really appreciate the good quality of that. I can't wait to see how they end up together because I can already tell, you'd be blind if you didn't. Amazing story!
9/23/2012 c7 3Forever Siriusly Sirius
Aww! Kurt was in utter heaven! Tehy are DOO CUTE AWWWW!
Ditto Edens scareedness hahah
9/23/2012 c6 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Yay! Kotte progress! Wooooo!
Aww Niels is damn cute!
I loved seeing Kurts soft side, it was really sweet.!
9/23/2012 c4 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Lol i used to learn german in 7-10th grade somim desperatly trying (and ultimatly failing) to understand what lotte says. Hahah i read the english after but but can get most of the german...lol

Yay christains! I'm a catholic abliet not a very good one hahaha

Kurt is so cute! I love him!
9/23/2012 c3 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Yay! Progress! Sort of... How does lotte always end up in embarrasing moments with kurtt to save th day? Hahah
9/23/2012 c2 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Why! Everywhere i look theres Great Gatsby! I just studied that book in English! Bahahahahh scary coincidences much.

Imlove how Lotte hates him on principle -just because she always has means she always will.
9/23/2012 c1 Forever Siriusly Sirius
Ahh this is amazing! I love hate/love relationships!
I love her realisation that kurt will be with them...its like now you realise?
I love how het whole familt loves him...and she doesnt! Haha

I dnt have any stories on fictinpress, only fanfiction for Harry potter.
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