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for Twisted Black Ice

8/20/2007 c1 32Serason
Short, and lovely as usual. I am impressed as always.
5/5/2007 c1 9flashlitdarknessxx
oh i really really love this one!
2/18/2007 c1 80magnusthewolf
maybe a comman instead of the first period would work better, and actually, the seond one too...the pause isnt needed i dont think and it also makes the next entences fragments and seem to be starting suddenly, when you actually want them to have a more "contnuous flow" deel to them flowing right after the preceding line.

interesting topic which i can relate to so i liked that.
2/12/2007 c1 she smolders
The last verse is quite intriguing and makes me what to know what battle she is facing. I like this.

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