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4/20/2007 c1 7The Breakdancing Ninja
I can't bear to see this story review-less any longer, but I can't bear to analyze it either. The second and third (though more the third) time I read this it made me cry. I swear. The sensitivity of this narration, its fluidity and understanding of the character's mind, and also the sort of hopelessness of the situation-despite all the reminiscing-it's really depressing but I keep being drawn back to it. I hate how personal this review is starting to sound, but I just have to get it off my chest. There's something about this story that disarms my colder reviewing nature; I seriously hate it.

This woman is not some stupidass or insensible jerk, and she's not exactly crazy either. So to see her condition by the end of this story, abandoned, neglected, and somewhat ill-used (that's just defensive old me talking)-I can't take it. She doesn't even complain that these things are happening to her. That her mom's a dick and that her husband's another, and even her daughter, repeating that same cycle-she doesn't complain about any of this crap but you could evidently see all the pain, deep under there.

There's something in wine, that "generous sip" (a "prescription"-and for what?). There's something in pouring ketchup in a bed-so it looks exactly like a death bed, blood and vitality and mockery all in one; there's something about indulging in an embellished lie about your own father's death, something about laughing alone (despite the story's acknowledgement that most find laughing alone unsettling-it is, it really is!); there's something in the phrase "brainless potato" and "the meek shall inherit the earth" in a fortune cookie-ALL THIS BUSINESS!

God, there's so much but I can't bear to think about it. This is just one of those pieces. I seriously can't stand what this piece does to me but I'm also tired of not reviewing it.

Thank God I didn't cry looking at this again tonight, but I did skim a little through the last paragraph. Because it's that last paragraph that does it for me and I want to avoid that feeling. lmao

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