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for Loneliness

2/17/2007 c1 7Quatus
Hello Again! Wow! U really brought across the feelings in this one and the thought pattern seems so realistic! Well done!

It's weird I'm also thinking of you as a friend - even though I only talk to you in these little reviews. But if you have hotmail feel free to add my email on my profile, or just email me through it :D Otherwise I'll just tell you little facts through here. - BTW my real names Kelly xx
2/16/2007 c1 Umbreon-Rawks
Oh, Claire...

Y' know, that's exactly how I feel sometimes but I get over my depression after spending time with my frens like u and Izzy, so u can get over ur depression when u feel like it. Why were u depressed? Whenever I'm depressed, it's coz it seems like no one cares abt me. I always feel like I don't exist. It's like as if I'm invisible to everyone.

A beautiful poem, as always. Now u noe y I love angst songs like Crawling in the Dark and Breaking the Habit by Hoobastank. I love Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson too. I can relate to the songs... But I know I somehow exist.

U'll get over it. Sleeping it over really helps. Whatever happens, Izzy and I will be there for ya. We're best of frens, aren't we? (wink wink)

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