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10/5/2009 c1 12JennaLynne
I love your last line. It's perfect, I can't tell you how many times (including right this moment) I've felt like that.

fantastic job. :)
2/16/2007 c1 10winteria
nice ending. good work.

but please, can't you come up with a better summary than just 'R&R'? it somehow irks me.

` MCHLV; 3 felia.
2/16/2007 c1 28TheAngelofhope
Good job on this. Keep it up.
2/16/2007 c1 12blackrosethorn10
This is really great.
2/16/2007 c1 59radioactive stanica
Another poem that I read so far that has such powerful words! I have to add this one also to my C2!

Best of Wishes!

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