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for Choke On Those Words

3/12/2008 c1 29Ashley Hyperkins
Your writing is so freaking amazing! All the emotions really transfer through your words! You really should take one of these themes and write a story about it. You are such a great poet I am confident you can write good stories too!
2/23/2007 c1 116createanarchy
i so totally get this, i no the feeling of looking at the person kidding herself, i also know the feeling of being the person who is kidding themselfs

great poem :D

2/22/2007 c1 24caralita
this is how i feel sometimes, i hope you don't feel like this... cause it's an awfully lonely mindset. the intensity of your words is great, it seems like you're yelling (scolding?) someone who's wallowing in their self pity, and you're telling them they're right about themself. maybe you're even yelling at yourself, either way, its a strong piece.

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