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for Morals & Values of Gov't & Humans on Genocide

2/22/2007 c1 8KeytoExistence
It's not just in the US, France, and the UK; many peoples of many nations hold that countries should solve their own problems. The emerging superpower China holds this opinion, for example. Face it: intervention is synonomous with imperialism in a lot of peoples' minds.

How do you expect to stop the genocide? Diplomacy? Marches? Tea and cakes? In cases like this, military action really is the only thing that will help the situation. And just how many countries nowadays do you think are willing to put that kind of pressure on a third world nation, especially after a certain other war that happened quite recently in the name of disposing an evil dictator?

"Humans, especially those of first world countries, don’t care enough. We’ve all been guilty of it. We see something terrible on the news, but since it happened a thousand miles away, you decide it doesn’t affect you and you completely forget about it."

I'm aware of Einstein's quote that those who stand by while evil happens are just as guilty as evildoers... but I don't think that totally applies here. I do think it's a tragedy, but it's not like people in first world countries don't have their own lives and problems. I know that sounds harsh, comparing financial problems to constant fear of death, but the reality is 1) We have our own lives to live and 2) Unless we pack our bags and head to Sudan, there's little we can do.

Speaking of which, Sudan's not the only place out there with problems. You know a nearby place where you can help stop death and violence? The ghettos of New York City or another American urban area.

Stopping violence does not need mass support as popularly believed: it leads leaders, men of inspiration who can dedicate their lives to this sort of thing. All that the rest of us can do is pray and cheer from the faraway sidelines.
2/22/2007 c1 15No Trust
Yeah, but those people in other countries getting genocided, don't care about other people in the world getting genocided, who don't care about other people getting genocided...
2/22/2007 c1 9Snip2r
Yes, your right, we don't care enough. Now let me ask you this, are you responsible for causing tens of people die by simply existing as a person and living your life the way you are?

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