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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

12/5/2010 c21 Lemi
I'm aware you wrote this a few years ago. in fact, I'm not even sure if you're still active on this site at all at this point in time because I was too giddy to review your story to check out your profile haha. anyways, I just thought you deserved one more tiny little pat on the back. its rare I find a fiction capable of sucking me in as hard as yours did. you did an amazing job, and I strongly urge you to pursue writing. I don't think you're aware of how great you actually are at it. sigsigh if only I could go live in eros with those amazing characters. so. thanks for writing. (: I hope you appreciate the review, because I definitely appreciated the story. ill be checking out the sequel soon enough. muchmuch love!
11/27/2010 c21 Vaelynne
I just felt the need to let you know, that i loved this story and that you had a very interesting take on imaginary friends. it was fresh and highly entertaining.
11/15/2010 c3 6Mockin' Bird
I'm reading this the second time, and i still love it!
11/14/2010 c21 1Bipolarised
wow, that was so amazing! you had me HOOKED on this story, i just loved the plot and characters. it was awesome, i am telling you that its 4 am in the morning and i just had to finish it, not to mention i have my exams tomorrow. so instead of studying, i'm reading. lol. pracrastination, you gotta love it. anyway, i just want to say...you rock!

11/11/2010 c21 Ekaterinne
Aw I loved it so MUCH! *-*

Aw I want a Seb myself *-* He's the sweetest guy ever (even if he IS a pervert! lol)

Congrats on your story... I loved it! *-*

Ps: Question: How the heck are Nolan and Seb conected? Because they are, right? I just didn't got the 'how'.
10/31/2010 c21 LotusTears
Ridiculously endearing. I want a Sebastian Bear too! Love your style. Btw, I have siblings named David and Sarah and little David, well I loved him! Reminded me of how he was when he was a bumbling giggly mess. And Sarah was just as annoying as the twins. Great job!
10/22/2010 c21 2renegade01
wow... ;)
10/12/2010 c21 Bek
Hey there =]

I've just read your story over the past few days and I see why you won that SKOW award.

This plot is immensely creative and I thank you for penning such a wonderful and imaginative world!

I know you apologised throughout the story for your grammatical and spelling errors; however, it was really trying to read the story with them littered throughout. Editting the whole story would, I'm sure, make it even more brilliant than it already is.

Other than that, Seb and Madsy are a favourite literary couple now.

Great job! I'm off to read Lucian Boom =]

10/11/2010 c21 Darkest Dawn
lol I LOVED it :) though at times i really wanted to question her sanity haha. Overall it was sweet, humorous, adventurous and of course totally romantic :) is there chance you may do a sequel? Sebastian did say he wanted kids ;)
9/13/2010 c7 2chapsticklips
Yay! groping! Seb is such a naughty boy. I wish he was my imaginary friend :(
9/13/2010 c6 chapsticklips
Okay so as terrible as this sounds I had been tossing up reading this story for months/years and I finally jumped and read it and THANK GOD I DID this is such an amusing/hilarious/sad moments story which I'm enjoying reading so much. Sorry I baby reviewed until this chapter but I hate reviewing the first chapter only to give up a chapter in and be bored out of my brain- this story is obviously not in that category. I love the concept behind the story it's kinda Peter Pan-ish but completely not and I love the idea that all these invisible friends actually do exist in the world, but just stop being visible and then grow up and come back with a vengeance and an insatiable sex drive lol. Love reading this! I must go off and continue reading.
9/11/2010 c20 1PorcupineLovingUnicorn
I loved Sebastian Bear! This story is better than most books I've read!

I'm going to start reading Lucian Boom now ... is it complete?
8/31/2010 c6 3donttrustme
Oh my god

this story is flippin fantastic

its hilarious

and heartwarming.

i love it
8/27/2010 c1 3Upon A Falling Star
I enjoyed this sotry so much I'm adding it to my favourites (:

Sebastian Bear is a fantastic character (if I had an imaginary friend, he'd be it!) and the whole story is very well thought out. It's brilliant and I'm hoping for a sequel with these two in it :D
8/24/2010 c10 a-caerulia
Hi! I usually review at the end of the stories I read but I loved this one so much I had to review now :) I feel lucky that I found this story after you had finished it because I don't think I would have been able to wait a long time for updates. You're a really good writer.
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