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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

8/21/2010 c2 Yume queen of dreams
this is so amazing! i usually hate stories written in the first person, but this is so well written it drew me in on the first paragraph. it ounds so professional, i can twait to read more. i usually dont reveiw much because im too lazy to do so, but this story deserved a reveiw!
8/4/2010 c21 5christinaxxyo
When I first started reading this story, I didn't know how much I would like it because it seemed so unrealistic and so hopeless. However, now that I've finished it, I can honestly tell you that I absolutely adore this story and its characters. You did an amazing job even though the long chapters were a bit much at times. Great job on this story! :D
7/28/2010 c1 Natalie Bishop
so...I stayed up all night reading this story. It's completely addicting once you start. I absolutely loved it. A lot. Great job (: Thanks for writing it
7/24/2010 c1 christinaxxyo
I'm really enjoying the story so far :)
7/19/2010 c21 Adelfi
so, i was going to bombard you with reviews at every single chapter but each one kept on getting better and better so i decided to write you one long ass review right at the end

oh my god! it was amazing!, by the end of the story i was completely and utterly speechless, i loved it so much and i honestly, truly think you should get published or something because your writing style is simply beautiful and it so much better then many published writers out there. thank you so much for posting up such a fantastic story!, it honestly made my days as I would be constantly reading it , at home , on the train ... it got my phone confiscated a couple of times in class cus simply putting it down was just not an option. XD

anyway enough with my babbling , but thank you so much for sharing it with us! is absolutely magical in every way, and i honestly couldn't find any fault in it so keep on writing!

7/12/2010 c21 1Izzemon
Well, for someone who claims to just be a goofy writer, I think you nailed the lovemaking scene really well. I think you did a wonderful creating the characters and building them up. They were so believable, that I'm starting to wonder if my old imaginary friends were actually real too. :)

And as goofy as your writing was, it stayed true throughout the whole story. The quality of your work is very consistent, and I found myself looking forward to reading this piece every night.

Keep up the amazing work! I look forward to reading your other stories.
7/6/2010 c20 Katya
Hi! You've obviously heard this a lot, but your story is amazing. I'm a compulsive reader who's gone through far more fantasy than is good for me in my life; in all the books I've read, your story stands out as the most whimsical. It manages to sweep me up in colorful, happy nostalgia, while simultaneously providing a very satisfying teenage romance (somehow it seems like these two elements should be mutually exclusive, but in your story, they mesh perfectly). I usually can only stay engaged in long stories if they center around action, and only get excited for the next chapter of a story if someone's saving the world/in danger of dying. Your story, though lacking in these devices, nonetheless totally engaged my attention (I spent hours of would-be homework time reading your story, staying up till three a couple of school nights to finish it! Ah well, to me it was time well spent). The invisibles' world was the perfectly crafted land of any kid's favorite happy daydreams. I've never read a story that captured the themes of childhood and fantasy so well as yours. It beats the vast majority of published fantasy I've read (and certainly all the fantasy with teen romance, which is usually boring, while yours is zippy and playful). I really hope you write and post more stories, particularly more fantasy! And thanks for writing (and finishing!) this one!
7/5/2010 c21 1CallMeAutumn
This was phenomenal. To say I loved it would be an understatement.

This story most definitely tops my favorites-of-the-favorites book. It was so touching and it kept me laughing the whole way through with Seb's sexual innuendos & easy going behavior.

I also loved how creative this story was and how detailed each scenery was. I could imagine everything so clearly when I was reading. I'm really glad everyone got their happy ending, and that Madsy gained some new friends at college.The first two chapters hit me really hard when I started, because I could relate to being the loner, feeling like most people were bad in this world and feeling betrayed by someone you let in your bubble.

I was sad though that Jackson and Ezra split up. They seemed so cute!

But anyway, great job. I really enjoyed reading this.
6/22/2010 c21 2Jimmi J

Okay well I seen your story a while ago but the summary seemed kind of weird so I stayed away from it. I regret I didn't read it sooner. I think this is one of the best stories on FP. I loved it so much. Wanna know how much? I stayed up for hours reading. I haven't gotten any sleep since... Two days ago. I also loved the sex. I hate when people talk during sex but your sex scene has to be one of the funniest sex scenes I have ever read and was comfortable with it. I love you so much for writing this! It was... Indescribable. Seriously. I love Sebastian Bear. :)
6/21/2010 c6 6Broken Lies
okay so at first i was a little put off by the story. i mean i had seen it countless times on many different peoples faves but i was like whateves it's not really something ill read. BUT the other day (yesterday lol) i just really wanted to give it a chance all of a sudden and gosh am i glad i did!. you are an amazing writer and i love Sebas and Madsy because they are awesome and you are awesome and just yeah! lol so back to reading this amazing story! plz never stop writing because if you do the world would miss out on such a talented being!

Love ya, broken lies!
6/13/2010 c21 1Somewhere Over A Rainbow
This was amazing.
6/4/2010 c20 6Mockin' Bird
I'm really pissed right now coz my long review that was meant for this story has just disappeared. But still, I hope I have the heart to type out everything again. I really really liked this story. You have been an amazing author throughout. This story deserves tremendous applause from readers. Very very creative, good job on your right brain's part. I really like the witty remarks stated by your characters, like author, like character. I sort of forgot what else I wrote. Haha, sorry, but you get what I mean right? Basically, this story is the best and the views given didn't lie. Keep up with the good work!
6/1/2010 c20 Whimsical Reader
:) I really liked this story! I recently watched the movie 'Drop Dead Fred' at school and was searching for a story to read when I came across this. It sounded good so I clicked the link and have been stuck to my computer screen since. :) Thanks for an awesome read.

6/1/2010 c21 3CruelestSilence
Fucking inimitable. Such a gorgeous piece of work.
5/17/2010 c20 hunnie.bunnie.x3
Since I've reviewed the last chapter before, I'm being forced to comment the 2nd to last one instead.

I just reread this story, and I just want to tell you how much I'm IN LOVE with this story. I've read several on fictionpress, and lemme just say this one is my absolute favorite. There's just something about it that captures my heart in every chapter :)

Not to mention that I LOVE Seb & Maddie
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