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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

4/25/2010 c20 1The Sweetest Girl
omg, such a perfect ending! I loved it! :D
4/24/2010 c21 2asianinvasion0530
I LOVED this story! It was amazingly creative and I think it's wonderful what it says about imagination. And I loved Sebastian and his pervertedness - he was so funny and awesome! Anyways, this was a great pleasure to read. =]
4/24/2010 c19 1The Sweetest Girl
Auchii, now i'm crying.

I hope it's all going to end happy! They need their happy ending!
4/24/2010 c18 The Sweetest Girl
So far, this story is a bomb! Can't believe that I found it just now. Sebastian is a sweetie, no matter how perverted he was or is :D

Madeline is the perfect copy of the outsider girl, who makes up her friends, sadly, I never had imaginary friends.
4/20/2010 c21 8castiel89
I must admit that I had seen the story on here before, but never got to reading it. Then, when I was looking for ones to read when I had no updates, I couldn't remember the frickin' title! Can you say FAIL?

Anyways, I came across it on A Drop of Romeo, and I about squeeled with delight that I found a link!

And seriously.. I L.O.V.E.D the story! I read this whenever I was able to - whether it was on my laptop or my phone - when I had free time from work and other personal committments.. And thanks to the addictiveness of the Sebastian (I so want my own invisible friend now), I ignored any update alerts I recieved while reading this. Now I must go catch up on those!

Amazing story! I damn near cried when Seb had to leave her. :)
4/5/2010 c21 1chrissy.qld

going to read other one now AH

4/4/2010 c3 NB-writer
Your story is so original, or at least I've never read a story about an imaginary friend. I see myself in your main character so much it's kind of scary. To bad I don't have an imaginary friend. Still nice writing and awesome plot.
4/4/2010 c1 Juliet
Helo, there. It's Juliet from A Drop of Romeo, and your story was nominated and inducted onto the site. Here's your raving review:

This fantasy story has its humor splashes-and is most certainly a unique storyline. It's highly reviewed and a SKoW winner. In the end, you'll be wanting an invisible friend, too.


4/3/2010 c21 2Cee.wat.i.live.for
Wow! I remember reading most of this story a long time ago, but i never finished it.. I don't know why though because it is amazing! Im so glad I came across this again and finished it because it was so good- and Im so excited to read the sequal now -I love Lucian Boom!;)- This was a great story plot and very well written. I can't wait to read more of your works
3/12/2010 c21 pbgurl
I'm so unbelievably happy I read this. One of the most KICK A** stories I have ever read. It had me crying, laughing, angry, happy.

This really had one of the best and most unique plots of any story I read. I'm gonna go read the sequel and your other stories. ^_^

-Liz :D
3/8/2010 c21 2Gracie Girlie

To begin I was unsure about this story. Clearly those doubts vanished because here I am at the end! Very original and I enjoyed it a lot :)

2/27/2010 c21 fallingtonowhere
I absolutely LOVED this story. there wasn't a thing that was wrong with it :) it was unique and very well written. i could practically see dreamland in my head, and it made me want my own invisible friend to take me there :D and i am completely in love with Sebastian Bear. he was so devoted to madsy, and they were so cute and sweet together, and... omygosh i just loved them ^_^ AND they got to be together in the end *sigh*

even the bad parts were good (and not bad like poorly written or anything, bad like bad for her). like when she was stuck in the lowlands :o and she almost got killed *gasp* but then lucian saved her, and then seb came to rescue her! AHH! seriously, i could gush about how amazing the story was, but i'd probably just end up repeating myself a bunch of times and sound like an idiot :P so i'll end with this: dreamland was portrayed wonderfully, all the supporting characters were amazing, i am in love with the sweet/sexiness that is sebatian bear, i think you are a wonderful author who has amazing characters (i just finished Skinny dipping with grove murray, and that was amazing as well), and i can't wait to read all your other stories :)
2/27/2010 c21 animegirl214
aw! That's so cute!
2/24/2010 c4 browneyedcolly
This is an AMAZING story! Its so hilarious.
2/19/2010 c21 sweetest downfall
Oh my God... words can't express how utterly and thoroughly i enjoyed this story. God. i LOVED it so much.

it was twilight meets peter pan meets everything magical and wonderful XD

i Love SEBASTIAN BEAR...wish i could have one of him..haha

totally adore madsy and david..

THIS is the BEsT..

i Love YOU for writing this.mwah.lotsa love
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