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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

8/15/2009 c1 CONGRATS
hey congradulations on winning the skow best het for this story... we all know you deserved it!

aw congrats again
8/13/2009 c20 1heartnollie
Although its a bit weird for me to be reviewing well past the last chapter update, it cant be helped. Because i enjoyed this story so much it deserved a whopping smack on the back! I swear this last chapter

broke my hear then mended it with the much needed sweetness. im so glad u do happy endings or id hate yoh :D In the loosest sense of the word. lol anyways excellent job!
8/12/2009 c21 2Lady of Confusion
Awesome story! I loved every minute of it!
8/10/2009 c21 1MeganVaz
i just want to say.

1) this story made me cry (i know. im such a weenie about such things)

2) i wish i had an extremely sexy imaginary friend

3)you are incredibly, undeniably talented. =)
8/5/2009 c20 hockeyEH

definitely something fresh and original!

awh seb, too bad he aint real eh ? i would love to be with a guy like him. *dreamy sigh*

you're an amazing writer so dont stop writing! :D

anyways, i am now moving on to your sequel which im sure will be just as amazing as this story (:
7/27/2009 c20 ddz008
Wonderful, wonderful story! I completely in love with it! The plot was amazing! I'm in love with Sebastian! I really really like Madsy. I also loved that you created worlds different from our, Eros is a literally a dream come true and well, the lowlands... are truly horrifing. I would love to tell you every little thing I liked about this story but I would be here for ages before I finished. And right now I'm too happy (because they so deserved a happy ending) after reading the whole 20 chapters and epilogue. I found your story because it's one of the nominees for SKoW and I saw that it had win and award for Original Plot in other of the rounds. I must say that what made me read it before all the other stories was the title, it intrigued me to read something with that name. Then i read the summary... and I knew that I had to read the whole story. I'm in love with this sort of plots... invisible friends that are quite real, other dimensions, etc. And you truly managed to write about wonderful worlds with memorable characters (all of them... not only Seb and Madsy). I was so happy that Madsy was making true friends but when Sebastian came back I was almost dying from happiness XD I should tell you that I began reading it yesterday and I read until chapter 17 until I decide that I had to study for the test I had this morning... reading about Madsy and Sebastian Bear was really really more interesting and satisfying than studyng for a test (even if it was a final one). Now, even if I'm sad that the story over... I'm glad that they got their happy ending and... I'll go and read now about Lucian Boom and (from I could see from the summary) Ezra. I must definitively read this story again after you edit all the chaptes... if right now it's amazing... I can't even imagine how wonderful it's going to be. Thanks for writing this! :)
7/25/2009 c21 MyLifeIsMe
This story was totally awesome! Honestly, I was hooked! I randomly found it on someone's favorite list and thought that I should read it cause I love fantasy and romance stories and then I ended up staying up the entire night and most of the next day reading it. I never found a story so interesting and original before but I just wanna tell you that your an incredibly talented writer and I pictured everything in my head so clearly.

My lil sister was laughing at me and calling me a dork cause I cried so much when Sebastian left. It was so emotional, or maybe I'm just strange, oh well never mind, I can live with that lol

Anyway, I'm so happy you added the epilogue and that there is gonna be a sequel with Lucian! And I'm a sucker for a happy ending, so that was just the best bonus ever!

Anyway. I loved the all the characters and the entire story

Oh yeah, the humor throughout the story was hilarious :D
7/18/2009 c21 4lulu.lemon
Amazing, absoloutely amazing! That is like the only word i can even think of to desribe this story. You are such an amazing writer to be able to think up all the things you thought of. It's no wonder you've been nominated for SKoW awards! I love this story SO much. and im so sad that it's over. It is now my favorite story on fictionpress. At first, when I found out that Seb was invisible and all that, I thought that I wouldn't like it. But I'm so glad I kept reading it because I loved it!

Anyway, I'll definately be voting for you in the SKoW awards and hopefully you'll win! Awesome job!
7/16/2009 c21 3Has A WaywithWords
I loved it! And I am glad I finally finished the whole entire story! I first saw it nominated on SKoW, and the name caught my eye. Lol. So started to read it, and I love it. Seb is not only sexy, but hilarious. He's a great character, and I checked to see if you have any character pics for him, but sadly you do not. Thats okay though, he's pretty much too perfect to find in our boring old mortal world. Madsy, great leading character as well. I adore her. She's actually a lot like me, personality wise. In Eros, all the characters are well developed, and I especially like Ez.

The plot is also very developed, which is totally awesome. This is a story that I seriously would consider publishing one day. The topic, having an "invisible" friend is a very difficult topic to write about. Trust me, I've tried. I had an idea about falling in love with my imaginary friend, but once I tried writing it, it didn't work out. And don't worry, I'm not going to try and steal your story. But seriously, I would try editing (especially the first few chapters, there were a lot of grammatical errors) and then sending it to publishing companies. You never know!

Good luck! I wish you the best!

Kat (Has A WaywithWords)

Ps. I'll be rooting for you in the SKoW awards, you have my vote!
7/9/2009 c21 1Goin-to-Cali-bby-10211994
OMG that was like the best story that I have ever readbin fiction press like ever! And don't worrie about the sex seen it was good LOL. I love Seb he his likenso sweet! But yeah over all great story you should publish it.
7/8/2009 c21 3VonThunder
I love this story! FANTASTIC! You have the greatest imagination ever! I'll admit, I was hesitant to read this a first, but now I'm so glad I did! I want my own Sebastian :)
7/7/2009 c12 ronandhermy
one of the best stories i have ever read. you should consider having this published. it's amazing
7/7/2009 c21 AndItMovesUsAll
Wow, wow wow, loved this so much! Im so in love with sebastian right now, hes one of my all time favourite male protagonists. This was an amazing story and so unique, i loved the imaginary world, its such a cool idea and ive never come across anything like this before. You write really well as well, some of those near-sex scenes had me very hot and bothered :D (you are right in saying that youre better at writing forbidden kisses, but the final was still good) and i was in near tears when he went away (would have cried my eyes out, but had to restrain myself, because i was with other people),so you were great at bringing out emotions in the reader, i was definately emotionally attached to this story.

I have to say i wasnt expecting much from this story, because i didnt like the title and the summary seemed a little silly and i thought it was just going to be easy going, kinda shallow fluff, but it wasnt, i mean it was entertaining and fun, but you had the perfect balence between heart melting romance and and a compelling story and imaginative ideas. My only critism is mabye to develop the minor characters more, because though i loved all of the friends and family, it would still be nice to know more. I think David was my favourite character because he was so cute and i loved that he had his imaginary (not) friend, and that he had such a great relationship with his sister. Also, to improve the last sex scene: you desribed everything in detail all the way through which made it as great as usual but the end seemed rushed, when it camed to him actually being inside her, making it seem to end abrubtly.
7/7/2009 c2 1SmearedRedTearDrops
7/2/2009 c16 Alaina
I absolutely think your story "Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert" is Amazing ! When ever fern is around && Madsy gets jealous, I get tha feeling too! You describe your story so good that I think its better then Twilight, And iam a HUGE fan of twilight! I haven't finished your story but i know the rest will be breath taking! I'd so love to see it on the screen, Aha. Like twilight! :) Even though twilight involves vampires && werewolfs mostly while yours involve invisible friends. BTW, Your story so made me want a Sebastian Bear myself, Lol. !

I love your story! ;)
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