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3/19/2009 c21 1MyAngel
that was one of the best stories I have ever read. you've done a really great job. it's a shame that it's finsished I want to know more. hehe

I will be Reading some of your other stories your a great writer. x
3/18/2009 c3 4gothhoties4eva13
i like this story. must go to bedybyes now, but am a bit afriad to... maybe my imaginary friend freddy wil come...nah i didn't cats him away, he's still right here with me. being my creepy friend who walks to school with me...

good story.
3/18/2009 c17 1MyAngel
oh i wonder what's going to happen...?
3/17/2009 c21 abmoreland

I had joined the - Addicted to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn - group on Facebook. In the news on this group page was - MUST READS! listing 6 links to stories on Fictionpress. Sebastian Bear was listed as #4, but included *My personal favorite* with the link from the writer of this listing.

After seeing the Twilight movie in Nov. 08, I started reading the 4 book Twilight saga series. Four months later I have now read the 4 book set 4 consecutive times, start to finish. So I would say I am addicted, hence the reason for me joining the group on Facebook. However I had never heard of until seeing the listing on the group page. Intrigued by the listing, site and personal favorite suggestion; I started reading Sebastian Bear, 24 straight hours later without sleep I finished. (I am married and have 3 kids, so certainly could have read it in less hours without all the aggravating interruptions) I am weird this way, so as soon as I finished reading it the first time, I slept for a few hours and then immediately started reading it thru non-stop a second time, in only 20 hours that time. I joined Fictionpress but then they made me wait to submit my review, so here it is a few days later.

I truly appreciated your imaginative similarities to the Twilight series, since I love it so well. Details such as the two different worlds/creatures, forbidden/first love, and sexual patience till marriage. The tiny hints were cute too, Robert Patterson(similar spelling to Pattinson) being Madsy's first kiss, Lucian Boom (mistake or subconscious Lucian Black he takes care of Madsy when Seb can't), Madsy/Bella being a nickname for Madeline/Isabella, both Seb/Edward being drop dead gorgeous, Jackson/Jackson Rathbone plays Jasper Cullen and Ezra reminded me so much of Alice Cullen, Seb/Edward and Madsy/Bella sleeping together in her bedroom secretly, recklessness and chaos that results from Madsy's/Bella's stubbornness, Vladimir being a vampire in the Lowlands/also a Vladimir vampire in Breaking Dawn, and just like when Edward left Bella - I sobbed when Seb left Madsy - not knowing if he would ever return. I am sure there might be more references but these are my favorite.

The spelling errors did get on my nerves, but they also got on my nerves in the Twilight series. So much so that I penciled in the corrections to my 4 book Twilight saga set. I just have a gift/curse of spotting these things. I really enjoyed the M rating of this and getting to read about all of the sexual experiences, especially the erotic details in the last chapter. Just like I have been asking my husband to bite me now for months, I now want him to get a lip ring. He already has the black hair and tattoos. And don't get me wrong I truly love and desire my husband, but boys in books are just BETTER!

The thing that amazes me most is your vivid imagination, truly a very special gift. I really wish I had that type of mind. But thanks to your writings I can visualize in almost HD quality the wonderful worlds of Seb and Madsy. I can't wait to start reading the sequel as soon as I am caught up with my business work, house and kids. I will most likely come back and read Sebastian Bear a few more times as well. Once I get caught up in a different world, it becomes my escape and frequent venture. I don't sleep much anyways due to insomnia. So reading is almost the only way I get to dream. Thank you for adding Seb/Lucian/Gray to my daydreams.


3/17/2009 c21 12AEJ325
Yay! He came back. All is right in the world now. Peace on earth, etc, etc.

Lol, so yeah. I liked it.

This story was complete originality-ness on your part I must say.

I can't wait to read Lucian's story.

3/17/2009 c2 AEJ325
Okay, so I gotta say that I wasn't to pulled in by the first chapter.

This may not even have anything to do with your story, and may have everything to do with the fact I've been reading stuff on this site for like four hours.


Well, my eyes are tired. But man oh, man this Sebastian Bear dude sure captured (lock & key) my attention.

He sounds quite yummy.
3/17/2009 c21 lemontea-addict
Aww. i loved that story. specially Sebby. Perverted bastard but adorable nonetheless. Erza is my favorite too. it was sad that her and Jackson didn't last but at least she understood. =] I love your imagination. It was just out of this world. makes me want to think back to see if i had any imaginary friends. Mad kudos to you. =]
3/14/2009 c16 1MyAngel
OMG that was so sad. nearly made me cry. I hope it has a happy ending.
3/14/2009 c14 MyAngel
oh dear that didn't end very well. I hope nothing really bad happens.
3/14/2009 c13 MyAngel
Loved it...wonder when madsy will realise she loves him...?
3/13/2009 c11 MyAngel
awe loved the last part when seb called madsy sweetheart...that made me smile like a small child. hehe...
3/13/2009 c9 MyAngel
fantastic chapter...i really can't stop reading your story LOL
3/12/2009 c6 MyAngel
I've never reviewed so much, ur story is fantastic and I can't stop Reading. love it
3/12/2009 c4 MyAngel
great chapter. I love ur fic. very addictive. ^_^
3/12/2009 c21 23Hypa To Hell And Back
That was freaking amazing! The most amazing thing in the whole freaking world. i love it. i just... wow it all i can say. i think i have summed everything up.
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