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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

3/12/2009 c3 1MyAngel
wow...seb is wow, loved the way you described him.
3/12/2009 c2 MyAngel
Fantastic that is all i can say...
3/12/2009 c1 MyAngel
So glad i took my friends suggestion of reading your story...its great, i love it.
3/8/2009 c21 intercostalspace
the whole fic is amazing! loved it although i was hoping that she goes to his world than the other way around. i'd love to read an epilogue-epilogue and know how many kids they had, what kind of occupation fit Seb-maybe he worked for disney or something hehehe-ect. thanks for the lovely fic. i enjoyed it really.
3/7/2009 c21 3I'm-The-Weird-Girl


i so thought that i was gonna have to come and just stare at u until u changed it to a better ending

that is if it was a bad endin

but it wasn't

it was fucking amzin!


so i guess i won't have to hunt you u down ;)

3/7/2009 c18 I'm-The-Weird-Girl
damn this is getting so good!

the damn suspense is killing me!

3/7/2009 c17 I'm-The-Weird-Girl
:o :o :o :o :o :o :O :O :O :O :O :O

this is amzin!

i am seriously in love with u for writing this!

this is THE best story i have ever read on this site!
3/7/2009 c16 I'm-The-Weird-Girl
e! to hyped up 2 write anything usefull!

3/7/2009 c15 I'm-The-Weird-Girl

this chapt is officially the saddest one i've read




3/7/2009 c14 I'm-The-Weird-Girl
omg this is such a good story! I LUV IT! its really good

i can't believe she's gonna go to that party!

wat is she thinking?

lols i memba my imaginary friend i had when i was a little kid his name was Boy Friend


i was real imaginative =P

gotta read on!

must find out what happens!
3/5/2009 c7 21songbirdalice
Wow. I don't think there are words great enough to describe this story. I cried a total of three times and laughed countless times, I hope you write a sequal, maybe for gray? I don't know but it was reaaly, reaaly good. keep writing!
3/4/2009 c21 5I Murder on Impulse
Aw I love this story!

2/13/2009 c21 8pattEcake
I loved this story! It is one of the most amazing stories I have ever read! It was soo... CREATIVE, I mean, who could come up with a story that good? WHO? Almost everyone else (including me) does a boring... boring thing. But you, YOU, made it an amazing fantasy, and it was so cool! The fact that he was her imaginary friend, and, oh! The lowlands, you described them so well! And now I hate... wow... I forgot his name *smiles sheepishly* Ronan? Her other friend... ex-friend... HE IS SUCH A JERK! Oh, yeah, I have a really bad memory. For names, at least. (: Anyway, as I was saying, IT WAS AWESOME! Please read andd review my stories (:
2/10/2009 c14 1S.L. Gunn
angst, angst, angst...

i like it.

i dont, however, like sleep.

it can go die a slow, painful death.

great chapter :)

2/10/2009 c12 S.L. Gunn
i meant to tell you this earlier, but i love that you have Madeline actually wearing makeup!

so many stupid stories play the "natural beauty, no zits, perfect skin" card and it's irritating to me.

also, i love Ezra!

and Sebastian (duh)

and purple!

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