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2/9/2009 c7 1S.L. Gunn
and now twilight IS a movie!

...a fantastic one, might i add. although entirely too short.

anyway, to your story.

i burst into a fit of giggles when Sebastian takes her to the dreamworld and their in the dark beforehand, searching and Maddeline goes "what was that?"

..."i was stretching"

ahahaha, that was great!
2/9/2009 c4 S.L. Gunn
not that you need the reviews..

(THOUSANDS? are you kidding me?)

but you deserve them so much!

this chapter, and this story are "like wham and boom!"

:) ...i love Davie!

(and Sebastian, of course)

i want purple eyes!

2/8/2009 c21 6sooner or later its over
Brillant. the whole story. it was amazing!
2/8/2009 c21 29fictionalxbliss
How was this hard for you? It was so...perfect. :D

It took my breath away. I want my own Sebastian...hehehe.
2/8/2009 c20 fictionalxbliss
woah. That was amazing. I cried through the whole chapter.
2/8/2009 c19 fictionalxbliss
ouch. my heart hurts.
2/8/2009 c16 fictionalxbliss
Now, that's just scary. I like Crake. :D
2/8/2009 c15 fictionalxbliss
Oh my god. you are so evil. Bit in a good way!

Oh my goodness, I'm crying! UGH! I really, really, really hate Dylan right now. UGH!
2/8/2009 c13 fictionalxbliss
I'm scared. I don't want their relationship to end. :(
2/7/2009 c4 fictionalxbliss
Um, wow. I really love Sebastian, even though he's a tad annoying.
2/7/2009 c3 fictionalxbliss
Whoa. Um, that is freakin' sexy! I love it! You are GOOD!
2/7/2009 c2 fictionalxbliss
I love the ending. Oh my goodness. I like this story!
2/4/2009 c6 1Harlee Rae
AWESOME! WRITE MORE OR I WILL DIE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! (The cpitilaization is on purpose.)
1/25/2009 c17 2Shelbaybayz
this is probably my second time reading this story, but I just realized you change Madeline's middle name like 4 times in this story, its hilarious.
1/21/2009 c21 2poppiesinoctober
Aw. This story was so cute. I absolutely loved it. At first I was hesitant to read it, cause I really had no idea what it could be about, even after reading the summary. But it was definitely worth reading. You're a really good author.


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